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15 Exciting Things to Do at Lake Arvesta Farms: South Haven Outdoor Sports Complex and Water Park

Lake Arvesta Waterpark
Ohoto from lake Arvesta

Explore Lake Arvesta Farms: South Haven Water Park

Lake Arvesta
06464 Arvesta Drive, South Haven, MI 49090

Lake Arvesta is Michigan’s top and upcoming attraction: an water park and outdoor sports complex rolled into one amazingly good time.

Located in South Haven, this outdoor adventure venue has many fun activities to offer. From a four-lake Aqua Park, swimming, kayaking, pickle ball and disc golf to wake boarding, boat rides and paddleboarding, Lake Arvesta Farms has something for everyone.

Lake Arvesta is a great trip in Michigan to plan for a day, or as an amazing event space. It’s also a great place to your kids to burn off some energy while having a great time outoors.

The following 15 top things to do at Lake Arvesta will be sure to help your navigation through the venue and encourage great memories to be made for you and your friends and family. Read on to discover everything you want to know about Lake Arvesta and start planning your trip to this southwest Michigan waterpark now!

12. Have Some Fun at the Lake Arvesta Playground

Lake Arvesta is a great family-friendly destination. And what declares the title family-friendly better than a big playground? Not only does it have some great beams to climb and classic slides to zoom down, but there are also lawn spaces for some yard games.

Bond over racing over obstacles to throwing bean bags and winning some spike ball at Lake Arvesta’s provided playing area.

11. Relax at the Beach

Wanting beachside relaxation while having great outdoor activities at hand all in one? South Haven’s Lake Arvesta makes sure to provide you with that option thanks to their sandy beaches providing a great view of the lake. Bring the beach towels, the sunscreen, and get ready to make time for some relaxing and unwinding in the sun.

10. Rent a Beach Cabana

Searching to take your beach relaxation a step further? Look no further than to Lake Arvesta’s offered Beach Cabana Rentals. Providing the option of comfort away from the sun, Lake Arvesta’s Beach Cabana Rentals will have you basking in the shade and giving you great private space to play in the sun and retreat for needed snack breaks from swimming in the water. The Beach Cabana Rental will elevate your beach day to one full of relaxation, seclusion, and memorability.

9. Try the Obstacle Course at the Aqua Park

The Aqua Park at Lake Arvesta is quite the showstopper. Start with the extensive Aqua Obstacle Course, with numerous amounts of water blow-ups connected. Challenge yourself and others to climb the float proposed obstacles without falling off into the water.

From running across the floats to jumping from raft to raft, this water obstacle course keeps you on your toes and will no doubt have you wanting to stay out in the water all day long. And of course, don’t forget the four ginormous water slides that are structured on the giant pyramid-shaped dune, providing an unforgettable ride down into Lake Arvesta.

Climb to the slide of your choice, ranging in length, for all ages to enjoy. Slip your worries away down Lake Arvesta’s waterslides to experience all the water-filled fun there is to go around.

Cable wakeboard at Lake Arvesta
Photo from Lake Arvesta

8. Ride the Cable Wakeboard

As if the wonderful waterslides and aqua obstacle course weren’t enough, Lake Arvesta also offers a chance to wakeboard. With experienced instructors and a safe place to wake, the cable wakeboarding at Lake Arvesta is the perfect opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and try something new if you haven’t had the chance. Get ready to glide across the waters of the lake during your wakeboarding one-of-a-kind wakeboard experience!

7. Water Skiing, Tubing, and Boat Rides

Scheduled by appointment, Lake Arvesta also offers chances to get on the water by other sporting options including water skiing, tubing, and boat rides. Don’t miss out on all the water activities that Lake Arvesta provides, and be sure to take your water adventure to the max.

paddleboarding at lake arvesta

6. Kayaking and Paddleboarding

For something a little less extreme, check out Lake Arvesta’s Kayaks and Paddleboards up for rental to go venture out into the lake. With multiple sizes of kayaks available to choose from, there’s a kayak and paddle board for everyone at Lake Arvesta.

DIsc golf at lake arvesta

5. Disc Golf

Lake Arvesta’s 18-hole disc golf course is a great one to practice your throws and have a fun time with friends and family. This scenic course provides a balanced amount of challenge for pros and is smooth enough for beginners. Join Lake Arvesta’s exclusive disc golf email list for all the updates on all things disc golf, and to be a part of all of Lake Arvesta’s exclusive disc golf events.

Playing pickleball - Lake Arvesta

4. Pickle Ball

Pickleball is the new game to play, and Lake Arvesta provides the perfect space for you to try it out. With a total of 12 pickleball courts, it has the space you need to have a great match out on a court. Get your paddle game on and visit for a superior pickleball experience.

3. The Trough~ Firewater Bar

With all the outdoor activities, you’re sure to get hungry and in need of refueling. Head to Lake Arvesta’s Firewater Bar for some tasty sandwiches, hotdogs, and snacks. Don’t forget the ice-cold beverages available, alongside their bar for some special alcoholic choices. And of course, The Trough’s soft serve ice cream is a must after completing a day of outdoor adventure.

2. Birthday Specials

Lake Arvesta not only has an amazing venue but also amazing specials to make a great deal. Their birthday special packages make a great experience for renting spaces and providing fun for everyone.

Their Birthday Party Package includes general admission plus water slides, a birthday shirt for the birthday kid, and a special birthday banner displayed on TV throughout the park. More part space is available to rent with The Loft, which is a farmhouse, quaint and private space with tables and chairs for sitting, which makes a great space for smaller celebrations.

Lake Arvesta event space
Photo from Lake Arvesta

1. Event Space

Birthday specials aren’t the only thing Lake Arvesta provides. There are multiple different spaces available for rentals, such as weddings, business events, family reunions, and more. Try out the one-of-a-kind rental space called The Barn for a cool modern twist on a rustic barn feel. With metal paneling and LED lights, the barn makes for a great venue. The Boat House is a quaint, smaller space for smaller gatherings, with a wonderful outdoor patio and string lights.

The Loft and The Silo provide tables and seating spaces, with The Loft being smaller in size and The Silo more spacious. The Island is a luxurious unique rental that gives you a private lake, island, and wooded areas, with a private beach and parking. Lake Arvesta is a hit when it comes to venues and rental space for special events, and is sure to meet your standards.

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What are the Hours at Lake Arvesta?

Lake Arvesta is open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm and Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm. It is closed to the public on Wednesdays, open only to large group reservations.

How Much Does it Cost to Go to Lake Arvesta?

A general admission day pass is $10 which includes pickleball, playground, and beach access.

An Aqua Park Day pass is $30 which includes all general admission pass access plus the floating obstacle courses and waterslides.

A Cable Wakeboard Park Day pass is $40 with the equipment rental charged for $10. You must be 42” or taller for this pass which includes a cable park plus pickleball, beach, and playground access.

An All-access pass is $55, including all areas and activities mentioned above.


With great offered prices and a variety of activities, Lake Arvesta will be sure to supply you with a day of fun in the sun with its large outdoor adventure venue. With different passes to choose from and so many things to do during the day, it’s important to be informed on what to do to get the best experience that you can.

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