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Best Michigan Gift Baskets: Michigan-Made Foods, Goodies 2023

gift basket of michigan made products

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Best Michigan Gift Baskets 2023

Sometimes the gift of home is the perfect thing to give, and that’s where Michigan gift baskets come in.

Whether for a birthday or holiday, as Valentine gifts or an Easter basket, for corporate gifting or perhaps just because, there’s no wrong season or reason to bring a taste of Michigan to those who might be missing home the most.

From the selections curated by iconic Michigan brands themselves, to the small business efforts of people who call the Great Lakes State their home, a collection of the state’s greatest gourmet gifts and snacks is the perfect care package to cure homesickness, or beckon a visitor from out of state.

michigan themed gifts baskets

Best Michigan Gift Baskets Online

There are a handful of websites that specialize in themed gift boxes and baskets as gifts for loved ones. Some are exclusively online and some are made by and for local businesses to increase their reach.

Some offer exclusively Michigan themed baskets featuring Michigan foods, and some have a broader selection, but either way using the internet is a great tool to find the perfect gift basket for any wayward Michiganders who need a reminder of home.

Michigan Gift Baskets from Etsy

If you’re looking for a gift basket with a personal touch and a touch of extra care and unique whimsy about it, Etsy is a great resource. Here you can find Etsy shops that specialize in making special gourmet gift baskets that emphasize the amazing things made here in Michigan.

Detroit themed michigan gift basket
Gift Basket from BrandStandMerch


BrandStandmerch on Etsy makes adorable gift boxes themed around Michigan’s biggest and baddest city, Detroit. The “Gifts from Detroit” basket features all things Detroit themed around things like Michigan coffee, ice cream, popcorn and more.

Depending on the gift box you select, they may include things like Better Made potato chips, Biggby Coffee K-cups, Sanders caramels, and even a Detroit sports themed travel coffee mug.

gift basket of michigan made products


For a more generally Michigan-themed gift box, try MichiganPantry on Etsy. Here the focus is on locally sourced, high quality goods, including everything from fruits to soap.

The “Gourmet Breakfast Box” includes Michigan made gourmet food and breakfast goodies, including maple syrup, honey, and pancake mix, however some other boxes like the “Michigan Made Gift Box” could include things like fruits, such as cherries and blueberries, or even homemade soap.

If none of the combinations seem right, take advantage of Etsy’s liberties and talk with the shop to create a custom gift set.

detroit gift basket


The DetroitCanCompany is a cute and fun Etsy shop. As the name suggests, each gift is not packaged in a basket or box, but in a sealed and reusable paint can, labeled with the brand name.

Choose from around ten curated gift cans, each with a different theme and selection of goodies, including classic comfort food like Germack nut mixes and Sanders candies, as well as more unique items like Dearborn Brand hunters sausages and Shurms Michi-Gummies.

made in the mitten gift basket- michigan gift baskets

Made in the Mitten

One such website with a fantastic selection of Michigan gift baskets is none other than Made in the Mitten. Made in the Mitten teams up with local artists and brands to bring handmade goodies and Michigan snack packs to you in the form of carefully crafted gift boxes.

You can even order mystery Michigan gift boxes, each with just a small description of the contents, such as “coffee and sweets,” “bath and body,” or even just a designation for men or women. Try this as a fun way to surprise even yourself with a gift.

grandpa shorters gift box - michigan gift baskets

Grandpa Shorter’s

If you know someone who loves Michigan, then this Michigan Gift Box is the perfect gift for them! Filled with Michigan-themed treats, each box contains a  Michigan Mug, Michi-Gummies and other delicious Michigan-theemd goodies!

Gift Baskets From Michigan

Just as the website name implies, they are all about gift baskets from Michigan, filled with Michigan made products. This means that all the resources, time, and energy from this company is dedicated to perfecting the curation of gift baskets all about the Great Lakes State, so it’s no surprise that their gift baskets are crowd pleasers.

Carefully curated items from around the state go into a box with a set theme, whether it’s a “Detroit Gift Basket” or something more broad, like “No-Melt Tastes of Michigan.” Some are even presented in the most adorable wooden basket made in a Michigan state shape.

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Detroit Basket Company

Much like Gift Baskets from Michigan, the Detroit Basket Company specializes in curated gift collections, except for them, it’s all about the Motor City.

With a selection of gift baskets named for iconic Detroit places, like Campus Martius, Belle Isle, Corktown, and more, there’s no better way to give your displaced Detroiter a reminder of home. Depending on the basket, iconic Detroit snack brands like Faygo, Better Made, Germack, Sanders, Guernsey, and more are included.

Heart of Michigan

Heart of Michigan does have a brick and mortar store in downtown Howell, but for those unable to make it to the shop, their website has everything you need to find the perfect Michigan-themed gift basket. Their selection of gift boxes is vast, including gift tins and even a gift crate.

Each is themed around different kinds of Michigan made food, brands, and themes, including “Great Lakes Gathering,” “Cozy Michigan Breakfast,” and even seasonal and holiday options. There’s also an option to create your own gift box, if you’re looking for a specific selection of treats.


Iconic Michigan Brands

Michigan brands are both abundant and diverse and they reach from Lake Michigan to Lake Huron and up to Lake Superior.

They represent the state with pride and focus on ensuring high quality treats created locally. From chocolate to cherries, Michigan products and their brands represent the best things Michigan has to offer and represent an aspect of Michigan’s culture and values.

Many of these brands have curated unique Michigan basket gifts to bring the flavors of home to loved ones all around.

Cherry Republic

Michigan is the leading producer of tart cherries in all of the United States. Cherry Republic, a company based out of Glen Arbor, near Traverse City, celebrates the Michigan Montmorency Tart Cherry through hundreds of products, all produced using this iconic Michigan fruit.

Pre-curated cherry gift baskets are available on their website. Select a box more generally themed around a fiesta with salsa, queso, and hot sauce, or narrow your selection to a cherry wine quartet. If none suit what you’re looking for, you can always visit a Cherry Republic shop at one of their six locations throughout Michigan to curate a box that is uniquely yours.


While the history of Sanders candy begins in 1875 when founder Fred Sanders opened his first gourmet chocolate shop in Detroit, the real connection between brand and city starts somewhere in the mid 20th century.

Today we know Sanders as a classic candy staple, providing treats like dark chocolate caramels, hot fudge sauce and more, and we simply can’t imagine Detroit without it. For any chocolate lover in your life, a Sanders gift box is the perfect way to celebrate any occasion while commemorating the history of candy making in Detroit.

Select from boxes including salted caramels, rich chocolates, and cherry cordials and more to find the perfect sweet treat to send out as a perfectly packaged gift.

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Another iconic candy creator from the Mitten is none other than Kilwins.

Although recognized throughout for their fudge, Kilwins began in Petoskey and remains the heart of candy making in northern Michigan. A gift basket from Kilwins will transport the recipient to a happy summer up north, reminding them of the joy they felt as a kid walking into a Mackinac Island fudge shop while on vacation.

Send a classic trio of fudge in flavors of your choosing or splurge on a tin of caramel corn. Either way, a Kilwins gift is sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth and send them on a trip down memory lane.

Kalamazoo Candle Company

The Kalamazoo Candle Company is a relatively newer company, but its popularity has grown exponentially, becoming perhaps the most famous candles Michigan creates locally.

The popularity of Kalamazoo Candle Company throughout western Michigan cannot be understated and they offer the opportunity for you to send Kalamazoo candles to your loved ones. With the choice to include either one 9 oz jar candle or two 5 oz candle tins, this little gift box offered by Kalamazoo Candle Company is the perfect little gift, suitable all year round.

Whether it’s a seasonal scent or two as stocking stuffer gifts or a classic favorite for a birthday, a candle or two is the perfect gift to send from Kalamazoo.

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Zingerman’s is a community of businesses, including a deli, candy shop, restaurants and more, making it an Ann Arbor culinary powerhouse with tons of gourmet food options.

With their “Made in Michigan Gift Basket,” you can share the things that make Michigan special with loved ones, including everything from candies, peanut butter, pasta, and more from cities and towns all over the Mitten.

Of course, it wouldn’t make sense for Zingerman’s to make a food gifts basket without a couple special treats from the company itself, so a bag of their brand of sea salt potato chips and a loaf of sourdough bread from Zingerman’s bakery are also included in the collection.

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