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Michigan Renaissance Festival 2023: Everything You Need to Know for Michigan Ren Fest Fun

Michigan renaissance festival tents

by Molly Grossman

The Michigan Renaissance Festival

ADDRESS: 12600 Dixie Highway, Holly, M
HOURS: Saturday and Sunday from August 19th -October 1st from 10am-7pm
EMAIL: [email protected]

About the 2023 Michigan Renaissance Festival

Located in the village of Holly, Michigan, the Michigan Renaissance Festival encompasses all the iconic
features and exhibits all ren fairs have to offer.
From the theme weekends and fabulous food fit for a king to the dozens of booths brimmed with unique goods and musicians, magicians and jugglers, this event is the best way to fill a late summer weekend.

Whether you’re looking for a medieval style, fabulous, endless shopping experience in an English village or simply want to interact with memorable characters in a magic 16th century European village featuring a feast of fantasy, the villagers of Hollygrove are waiting for you.

Ready to join the villagers, munch on some turkey legs and enjoy fullcontact live armored jousting with people dressed as Queen Elizabeth? Read on to discover the truly fabulous and endless fun that is the Ren Fest.

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How to Get to the Michigan Renaissance Festival Site

First, the logistics: the fest is located on 12600 Dixie Hwy Holly MI, which is about a 10-minute drive from
downtown Holly. Simply drive eastwards on Grange Hall Road until you reach Dixie Highway, where you
will then take a left. The fairgrounds will be located on the left.

The festival itself is a weekend-only event, so don’t plan on attending anytime Monday-Friday. There are
two exceptions to this: Labor Day and Festival Friday, which takes place on September 29th for the 2023

people in cosutme at the Michigan renaissance festival in michigan

Tickets to the Renaissance Festival

Tickets can be purchased online or at the festival box office. General one-day admission for people ages
13+ is $22.95/ticket and $12.95/ticket for anyone ages 5-12 when purchasing online.

Keep in mind that these prices do not include the $3 convenience fee or any other handling fees. Box office fees at the fest start at $25.95/person ages 13+ and $15.95/person ages 5-12.

Gaining access to additional amenities such as whiskey tastings or the hawk walk (where attendees get
the chance to have a large bird of prey rest on their arm) requires an additional fee. Dubbed as “Royal
Events,” you can pick and choose which add-ons you would like to experience.

If you intend to visit the fair for most, if not all the weekends, then there are season passes available as
These tickets are separated into two categories, Royal Passes and Season Passes. For a higher
price, Royal Passes come with a medallion, a T-shirt, a pottery mug, and pass holders receive five complimentary 1-day passes.

Please note that the complimentary tickets can only be redeemed during the first four weekends of the

Season Tickets to the Ren Fest

Season tickets are $99.95/person 13 years or older. Tickets for ages 5-12 go for $59.95/person. Royal
tickets are about $50 extra, with people ages 13 and up costing $150/ticket and those from ages 5-12
costing $100/ticket.

Tickets for Your Dog

Man’s best friends are also invited to this fest! For safety purposes, it is requested that you bring a
photo of your dog with you. You can get their photo taken at the festival by staff for an additional $5
fee. The general admission fee for dogs is $10/pooch.

As of late July, 2023, there is no further information on the fest’s schedules or which artisans will be
selling their goods.

A village at the michigan renaissance festival

Things to Do at the Renaissance Festival

Take in the Live Entertainment

Enjoy exciting entertainment including musicians magicians jugglers. You’ll find many stages of exciting entertainment acts, such as the Washing Well Wenches, patrons will interact and participate in some of these fun shows. Please note that Clark Orwick, who’s “Ded Bob” shows were a highlight of the fair, passed away in 2021.

Enjoy Fabulous and Endless Shopping

Browse among the artisans who come to the festival marketplace to display their wares and enjoy some one-of-a-kind shopping in a make-believe English Village.

Indulge in Food Fit for a King…and his Villagers

Hosted by MidAmerica Festivals, Renaissance Festivals take place throughout the country. At each festival, though, you’ll find a massive choice of tasty food ranging from Turkey Legs and Churros to Ravioli and Cream Puffs!

Jousters at the Michigan Renaissance Festival

Renassiance Festival Weekend Themes

Each weekend of the fest has a different theme that inspires costumes, goods sold, and
These theme weekends include Pirates and Pups, Viking Invasion, and Harvest Huzzah.
Though it’s not a requirement to base your costume on these weekends, these themes can work as
inspiration or incentive
when choosing which date you visit the ren faire.

headdresses at the michigan Renassaince festival

Where to Find a Costume for the Renaissance Festival

Speaking of costumes, you may be wondering where you can get yours. Though they’re optional, you
may find yourself sticking out like a sore thumb amongst a sea of wizards, elves, and maidens dressed in layers of capes and skirts.

One pricey option is building your costume at the fest itself. Local artisans will fill the festival marketplace and display and sell their handcrafted clothing items such as corsets, dresses, leather goods, and other related goods.

For those who are on a budget, many folks who wear costumes to these events build them using items
at thrift stores. Some general tips for buying your costume items at a thrift store include:

  • Have a general idea of how you want your costume to look. Are you wanting to wear a skirt, or
    pants? Long sleeves or short sleeves? Building a Pinterest board of outfit inspiration may also
    help in this regard.
  • Prioritize comfort. You will be on your feet all day at the fair, and those super unique leather
    boots you thought were a real find may not be your friend after an hour of walking
  • Look for neutral colors, such as brown, beige, and white. Save the more vibrant colors as accent
    pieces and use them strategically to make your outfit really pop.
  • Layers, layers, layers. Did we mention layers? To get that renaissance fair look, you’re going to
    want to layer shirts with vests, skirts with petticoats, and any other fabric you can think of.
  • Accessorize! This is just as important as layering and will really help tie everything together. Use
    that scarf hiding in the back of your closet, go crazy with rings and other pieces of jewelry, g
    ahead and wear three belts. The world is your oyster.

If you’re really in a pinch, then buying costumes online via Amazon or other retailers is always an option.
What matters most is that you feel good in whatever you wear.

Here are some amazing costumes you might think about wearing to the Ren Fest!

women's renaissance festival costume
Medieval Fairy Dress

Machine-Washable Renaissance Women’s Fairy Dress

Michigan Renaissance festival cloak

Deluxe Velvet Adult Cloak Cape with Lined Hood

Michigan ren fest mens costume

Mens Medieval Renaissance Tunic

Michigan Ren Fest Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the lost and found location at the Michigan Renaissance Festival?

Keep all this information in mind, and you will be more than prepared for this 16th century event. Happy festing and enjoy your feast of fantasy

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About the Author-
Molly Grossman is a content writer and researcher with an interest in arts and nature. She is currently attending university, where she’s studying English with a minor in business. Working part-time backstage at a local performing arts center as a show supervisor, she fills her free time with hiking at local parks and reading. Though not a Michigan native, Molly adores the state’s natural wonders and indulges in its backpacking opportunities.