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New Buffalo, South Haven St. Joseph, Benton Harbor, Gull Lake, Kalamazoo

21 Best Michigan Vacation Spots to Visit in 2023

You’ll find amazing Michigan vacation spots just about anywhere you look, whether you want a cozy, romantic getaway in the lower peninsula or a wild outdoor adventure in the U.P. The spectacular diversity of the land just offers so much for travelers seeking both excitement and serenity.
With 3000 miles of dramatic Great lakes coastline, sprawling forests, clear inland lakes, and meandering streams, there’s no end to the natural beauty of Michigan. You’ll also find charming small towns and hip, bustling cities filled with rich culture to visit in Michigan.

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Explore New Buffalo in the Winter

If you need a winter escape or quick getaway to reset, look no farther than New Buffalo in southwest Michigan’s Harbor Country.

Just a quick 90-minute ride from Chicago by car or train and three hours from Detroit, this charming town on the Lake Michigan shore is a perfect Michigan travel destination for winter fun. Yes, the town hustles and bustles during the summer and fall seasons. Come wintertime, however, this popular Lake Michigan beach town slows down a bit but still offers plenty of opportunity for both indoor fun and outdoor adventure.

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20 Top Restaurants in New Buffalo MI

There is no shortage of New Buffalo restaurants, and that’s a great thing for visitors who flock to the area for the gorgeous Lake Michigan beaches, and stunning natural beauty year-round.
Located just 90 minutes from both Chicago and Grand Rapids, this Michigan city is big on eateries, breweries, and wineries, offering many choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You’ll find everything from soul food to crab legs, from wine bars to outdoor patios. Read on for 20 Top restaurants in New Buffalo Michigan

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New Buffalo Michigan Guide (Hotels, Restaurants, Things to Do)

Longing for the relaxation of a quiet Lake Michigan beach?

Eager to explore a quaint Michigan beachtown with a laid-back, small-town vibe?

If so, put beautiful New Buffalo, MI in Berrien County on your travel list today.

We’ve been visiting New Buffalo and the Harbor Country our entire life and want to tell you: there is something special about this hidden little beachtown, tucked away snug of the shores of Lake Michigan.

From the moment you exit the expressway (it’s just off I-94, if that’s how you choose to come), you can’t help but take a deep breath and feel the magic, like a soft lake breeze that sweeps over your entire being.

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20 Amazing and Unique Restaurants in Michigan (MAP)

From theme restaurants that take dining to an entirely new level to iconic restaurants to simple local restaurants, Michigan has its fair share of unique eateries serving delicious dishes. Whether you’re in west Michigan, the Upper Peninsula, or southeast Michigan, these unique fun dining experiences are spots every Michigander should dine.
If you’re planning some Michigan travel, a day trip, or simply looking for a fun new place to try, this is the restaurant list for you. Read on for 20 Fun and Unique Restaurants in Michigan worth a visit.

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Wheelchair Accessible West Michigan: 7 Top Natural Attractions in West Michigan

ADA and handicap accessibility in Michigan is thriving as more and more attractions are adapted. West Michigan has made a lot of changes to state parks and other natural areas to be inclusive for any and all visitors. Not only have nonprofit organizations helped with donations but the different promotions and fundraising done by the parks themselves has helped build up the many different solutions to make the beautiful west side more accessible.
By prioritizing safety and accessibility, state parks along the coast of Lake Michigan have paved trails, built ramps to the water, and acquired track chairs and beach chairs to better the availability of Michigan’s fine beaches and forests. Support for even more accessible adaptations is growing on this side of the state as fundraising, promotions, and more receive more attention.

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