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Peppa Pig World of Play Michigan: 2023 Ultimate Guide

Peppa Pig playhouse at Peppa Pig World of Play  in  michigan
Photo via Peppa Pig World of Play Michigan

by Bella DiMascio

Your Guide to Peppa Pig World of Play Michigan

Located near the Rainforest Café at the Great Lakes Crossing outlets in Auburn Hills, Peppa Pig World of Play brings the world of the hit animated series to life.

With 14 themed play areas, all based on locations from the show, there’s plenty of space for your little piggy to run, jump, play, and pretend in this recreation of Peppa’s world. To enter Peppa Pig World of Play, you must hop aboard the bus and exit on the other side. Here you’ll be greeted by a colorful world of piggies and play.

This indoor play spot in Oakland County offers your young ones the opportunity to jump into the world of Peppa Pig to laugh learn and play.

Let’s explore some of the features and learn some tips for visiting together. Use our guide to help you plan your day and your visit to Peppa Pig at Great Lakes Crossings.

PRO-TIP: Legoland Discovery Center and SEA LIFE Aquarium are also located in Great Lakes Crossings. Consider grabbing some combo tickets on your next visit!

girl riding tricycle at peppa Pig world of play in michigan
Photo via Peppa Pig World of Play Michigan

Meet Peppa Pig

The best part of going to the world of Peppa Pig is that you can meet her! A meet & greet with Peppa Pig is included with admission, so be sure to check for the meet & greet times and don’t miss your chance.

Meeting Peppa is the highlight of their day when the kids get to give her a big hug and take a picture together to save the memory with a digital photo pass.

Boy playing at Peppa Pig world of Play michigan
Photo via Peppa Pig World of Play Michigan

Grandad Dog’s Garage

This is one of the first things you’ll see when endearing Peppa Pig World of Play. Here, you can gas up and go as you prepare to explore the whole neighborhood. Cars, gas pumps, and even Mr. Zebra’s post van can be found outside, but inside, tools, workbenches, and a computer prepare your child to run the best garage in town, helping the citizens of Peppa’s world get back on the road.

Peppa’s House

If you visit the world where Peppa Pig lives, it stands to reason that you’ll find her house somewhere in the neighborhood. You’ll see her family car parked out front the instantly recognizable home of Peppa Pig and her family. When you enter, you’ll see an exact recreation of the house as it appears on television, complete with a colorful kitchen and a little living space with a television of its own and a goldfish bowl.

Muddy Puddles

Splash around through interactive muddy puddles with Peppa Pig’s family as you traverse through the World of Play. Peppa and her family will jump alongside you on a screen helping to create bigger muddier puddles. This is a favorite for energetic kids, and a great way for them to expend their energy.

The Theater

Like any good town, there’s a theater here.

It’s tucked between George’s Fort and Rebecca Rabbit’s Underground Adventure. The theater doors are open wide, inviting in anyone who needs a bit of space from other kids or the loud noises and voices of exciting playtime. In the theater, Peppa Pig episodes play, projected on a wall behind the stage. Comfy stools, chairs, pillows, and mats are strewn about for a comfortable experience for kids and the adults that accompany them.

Miss Rabbit’s Supermarket

Every town needs a market where residents can shop. Whether they’re just grabbing a midday snack, or prepping for dinner later, Miss Rabbit’s Supermarket is the best place for Peppa Pig and her friends to shop, which makes it a great place for the children visiting to play.

Complete with a cash register, shopping cart, and movable shelves of grocery items, children visiting the supermarket are able to maximize their imaginations for the ultimate game of pretend.

Madame Gazelle’s School Bus Trip

Hop aboard Miss Gazelle’s School Bus for pretend school field trips to the land of imagination. Sing-along songs like “Wheels on the Bus” will play for kids inside the bus who are welcome to participate with their voices or an assortment of age-appropriate musical instruments, such as tambourines and maracas.

Campervan Cafe

By the time you’ve traveled all through Peppa Pig World of Play, you’re bound to be tired and hungry.

The Campervan Cafe invites you to order from their menu like you would a food truck in our world. With picnic baskets, entrées, beverages, and snacks, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at one of the many tables set up like a park.

Grandpa Pigs Train

Kids will love hopping on to Grandpa Pigs Train while exploring Grandma Pig’s garden!

Kids playing on crane at peppa pig world of play in michigan
Photo via Peppa Pig World of Play Michigan

Hours for Peppa Pig

  • Summer Hours through September 1: 9 am – 4 pm Weekdays; 9 am – 5 pm on Saturdays through September 2; 10 am – 6 pm on Sundays
  • Fall, Winter and Spring hours beginning September 3, 2023: 10 am – 4 pm Weekdays; 10 am – 6 pm weekends

Please note that ticket sales end one hour before closing

Father and daughter playing at Peppa Pig World of Play in Auburn Hills MI
Photo from Peppa Pig World of Play

Peppa Pig World of Play FAQ

How much time do you spend at Peppa Pig World of Play?

A ticket entitles you to about 2 hours of playtime, so plan your day accordingly to maximize that time. Note that there is a 6pm last entry policy.

How much time do you spend at Peppa Pig World of Play?

Day tickets start around $30 and are best purchased online in advance, but annual passes for super Peppa Pig fans are also available for those looking to enjoy the Peppa Pig World of Play over and over again. There are also opportunities to save using combo tickets with other Merlin Entertainments destinations in the mall, including the SEA LIFE Aquarium (SEA LIFE Michigan) and LEGOLAND Discovery Center are also available.

What is the difference between Peppa Pig World and Peppa Pig World of Play?

The two attractions have similar names, but Peppa Pig World refers to the outdoor theme park, whereas Peppa Pig World of Play is an indoor space where young kids can enjoy all the creative fun and play in Peppa’s world in all weather.

At what age is Peppa Pig World of Play best enjoyed?

Peppa Pig World of Play is best enjoyed by a child ages 8 or younger and adults must be accompanied by a child of reasonable age.

What kinds of events are at Peppa Pig World of Play?

Preschool field trips are a welcome and popular choice here, where educational workshops fueled by play are favored by young kids. Additionally, summer camps, birthday parties, scout days for the scout troop and more are exciting opportunities to experience Peppa Pig’s world in new ways.

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