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20 Best Restaurants in Leelanau County in 2023

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Best Places to Eat in Leelanau County Michigan 

 Foodies rejoice: there are some fabulous restaurants in Leelanau County just waiting for your visit. 

In fact, if you’re planning a visit to the Leelanau area this summer in need of a good place to eat, we’ve put together a list of the 15 best Leelanau Peninsula restaurants. Whether you’re into seafood, burgers, pizza, or all of the above, there’s something for everyone on this list, top to bottom.

 So, sit back, buckle up, and get ready to be hungry as we break down the top restaurants in Leelanau Peninsula. 

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Top Restaurants in Suttons Bay

Bay Burrito Co.
206 N St Joseph St, Suttons Bay, MI 49682

Are you in the mood for Mexican food on your travels? If so, be sure to you get on over and check out Bay Burrito!

This small shop in Suttons Bay offers some of the largest burritos you’ll ever see. For those up to the challenge, try the five-pound burrito challenge; it’s certainly not for the faint of heart. Delicious, easy, and most of all fun, Bay Burrito is a great way to grab a bite on your vacation this summer. Be sure to line up and grab some grub. 

Boone’s Prime Time Pub 
102 N St Joseph St, Suttons Bay, MI 49682

Steak lovers, this entry on this list is 100% for you. This fun little steakhouse sits proudly at the front of downtown Suttons Bay, almost inviting you to partake in its wonderful array of hand-cut ribeyes, strips, and filets.

If you’re more a lover of light meat, then fear not; Boone’s offers a grand assortment of chicken, perch, salmon, and much, much more. If available, be sure to ask for seating on the restaurant’s top-deck patio. You can’t beat the view or the eating at this marvelous spot!

Hop Lot Brewing Company
658 S W Bay Shore Dr, Suttons Bay, MI 49682

This next entry is a must-see for all beer enthusiasts! Stationed on M-22 just outside of Suttons Bay, the Hop Lot Brewing Company is the end-all-be-all for all those looking for craft beers, brews, and good time up north.

Rest assured, you won’t be alone in your visit to Hop Lot; the streets outside the restaurant are packed to the brim most nights. In the scenic little site, you’ll find a cozy little corner full of campfires, picnic tables, and the great smell of barbeque. Perfect for friends, fun, and the family, Hop Lot is a must for all traveling in Leelanau this summer!   

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Martha’s Leelanau Table 
413 N St Joseph St, Suttons Bay, MI 49682

Located just a few blocks from downtown Suttons Bay, Martha’s Leelanau Table is a wonderful little restaurant that’s perfect for a relaxing dinner. You’ll love the menus featuring a variety of European-inspired dishes.

Feel free to enjoy the restaurant’s beautiful scenery from one of its various outdoor patios; there is truly no place like it in all of Leelanau. So, be sure to get out to Martha’s this summer and enjoy great food, wonderful sights, and more.   

V.I. Grill 
201 N St Joseph St, Suttons Bay, MI 49682

Those looking for good American food, family fun, and a taste of life in Northern Michigan need look no further than the V.I. Grill. With a wonderful location in the dead-center of Suttons Bay, this restaurant is excellent for some R & R after a long journey up north.

Whether you’re just grabbing a bite or looking to sit down and take your time, the V.I. Grill harbors the perfect atmosphere for all travelers. After your meal, consider sitting on the front porch of this homey little tavern and watching the town as the sun sets and life slows down once again; you’ll be at peace like never before. Truly, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more simple and wonderful way to end your night than the V.I Grill.  

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303 N St Joseph St, Suttons Bay, MI 49682

For those searching for high-class dining, Wren is, without a doubt, the best place for you. With a great location in Suttons Bay’s downtown area, this cozy restaurant is perfect for a nice sit-down after a long day of fun and sun on the water. Be warned: you’ll be sure to leave your plate clean after a trip to Wren. Its great food, wonderful drinks, and elegant atmosphere will leave you only wanting more. 

9 Bean Rows
9000 E Duck Lake Rd, Suttons Bay, MI 49682

Looking for a quick way to satisfy your sweet tooth? Take a trip out to 9 Bean Rows, a beautiful little farm, cafe, and bakery all-in-one. Located west of Suttons Bay, this small establishment holds something for all its visitors; whether you’re looking to pick up pastries for the family or interested in trying one of its delicious pizzas or sandwiches, 9 Bean Rows will have you covered.

If dining in, be sure to eat in restaurant’s the outdoor patio. With a great view of the location’s spacious farmland, you’ll have an experience like at no other bakery ever.

45th Parallel Café 
102 W Broadway, Suttons Bay, MI 49682

As far as breakfast goes in Suttons Bay, the 45th Parallel has no competition. With a delicious multitude of breakfast delights, this quaint little cafe is perfect for all the family. Truly, those in search of an excellent American breakfast need look no further than the 45th.

For those with kids, consider traveling over to Candy World next door to pick up some sweets; there’s no better way to finish off your morning breakfast!

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Top Restaurants in Lake Leelanau

Dick’s Pour House 
103 W Philip St, Lake Leelanau, MI 49653

Located in picturesque Lake Leelanau, the menu at Dick’s Pour House is a delightful blend of classic comfort food and innovative dishes, prepared with the finest locally sourced ingredients.

Whether you’re craving their famous burgers, fresh seafood, or mouthwatering vegetarian options, there is something to satisfy every palate. In addition to the delectable food, the restaurant boasts an impressive selection of craft beers, wines, and cocktails, allowing you to find the perfect beverage pairing for your meal. With its charming ambiance, exceptional cuisine, and friendly staff, Dick’s Pour House is the ideal destination for a memorable dining experience in Lake Leelanau.

202 W Main St, Lake Leelanau, MI 49653

If beer, brunch, and sandwiches pique your interest, then consider taking a trip out to Fiddleheads. Situated on Main Street in Lake Leelanau, this homey eatery easily harbors some of the best sandwiches in all of Northern Michigan.

What’s more, all of Fiddleheads’ ingredients are locally sourced from various farms in Leelanau and throughout the state, a brilliant move that helps out Michiganders far and wide. If you have the time to dine in, be sure to check out the restaurant’s back garden, a beautiful little area with hammocks, picnic tables, and shade. You won’t want to miss a chance to eat at this wonderful location, so be sure you get on out this summer to Fiddleheads.

Nittolo’s Seafood and Pizza 
104 Main St, Lake Leelanau, MI 49653

Last but not least, those looking for a taste of ‘za should search no further than Nittolo’s in Lake Leelanau. This family restaurant offers some of the best pizza not only in Leelanau but in all of Michigan.

Additionally, Nittolo’s also offers an excellent variety of seafood options, including walleye, whitefish, lobster, seabass, and much, much more.

After your meal, consider visiting The Social, a wonderful wine and tapas lounge where you can unwind and digest. Truly, there’s nowhere better to be for pizza, and Nittolo’s is a must for anyone looking for pizza in beautiful Leelanau.

Leland Mi Travel Guide ; Explore Michigan's Fishtown

Top Places to Eat in Leland, MI

The Bluebird – CLOSED for 2023
102 River Street, Leland, MI 49654

Those looking for a historic dining experience in Leland, the Bluebird is the utmost location for you. This beautiful restaurant proves to be one of the oldest locations on our list, dating all the way back to 1927.

As far as scenery goes, the Bluebird is second to none; situated on the Leland River, its views are sublime. With its delicious walleye, perch, and other seafood options, the Bluebird also offers the best in dining. Don’t miss the chance to grab fish sandwich  or some amazing white fish dip this summer.

The Cove 
111 W River St, Leland, MI 49654

Say hello to beers, cheers, and fine waterfront dining at The Cove; Fishtown’s prime restaurant is the perfect place to eat for gorgeous sights and even better food. This seafood joint sits comfortably on the Leland River just a few hundred feet from the shore of Lake Michigan, and makes an excellent seafood chowder.

Be sure to enjoy the sound and atmosphere of the water, and consider trying the restaurant’s signature drink, the “Chubby Mary”; it’s an experience you’ll undoubtedly never forget. After your meal, be sure to watch the sunset pass over Manitou Island at the beach nearby. The view, coupled with the excellent meal, is unparalleled, and the perfect way to start your vacation up north.

PRO-TIP: The Cove is  a great spot to people watch while enjoying some amazing food!

The Cove, a restaurant in fishtown Michigan
The Cove in Leland, MI aka Fishtown

The Riverside Inn 
302 E River St, Leland, MI 49654

Since 1902, the Riverside Inn has existed as an excellent example of fine dining in Northern Michigan. Whether you’re in the mood for a taste of old Leland or simply just looking for a good place to eat, rest assured that you will not be disappointed in your choice to dine in this historic staple of the community.

Be sure to look at the wine list during your meal, and help yourself to the beef tenderloin or seared scallops while dining at the Riverside Inn. Truly, it’s an experience like no other. 

Village Cheese Shanty 
199 W River St, Leland, MI 49654

If cheese, cherries, and sandwiches are your forte, then be sure to get on out to the Village Cheese Shanty this summer. This quaint little shop is situated right in the heart of Fishtown near the Cove and Rick’s Cafe; with over 50 different options of cheese to choose from, it’s certainly a must-see for any lover of dairy.

The cheese shanty also offers various local wines and souvenirs, so be sure to enjoy a glass and document your trip to Fishtown by paying a visit.  

the mitten brewing co in northport mi
The Mitten in Northport

More Top Leelanau Restaurants Worth Checking Out

Mitten Brewing Company
112 W Nagonaba St, Northport, MI 49670

Looking for good sightseeing to go along with your meal? Look no further than the Mitten Brewing Company’s Northport location. Nowhere else will you find such a breathtaking dining experience in Leelanau Peninsula.

Be sure to enjoy the location’s outdoor patio and garden as you partake in the delightful view of Grand Traverse Bay and Lake Michigan.

Cherry Republic 
6026 A, 5109, S Lake St, Glen Arbor, MI 49636

Traverse Citys known for cherries (we’re looking at you, (National Cherry Festival), and so is the Leelanu Peninsula. TIn fact, those cherries were the inspiration for the Cherry Republic, part restaurants, part brewery and part gift store.  You’ll find tons of cherry-flavored menu items including cherry salsa, cherry wines, cherry barbecue sauces, cherry candies and much more.  

The Cherry Republic is a must for anyone visiting the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Lots of outdoor seating and pleasant atmosphere makes this a go-to for families visiting the area.  Don’t miss the chance to try the cherry-flavored soft-serve ice cream from the take-out window!

best places to eat in glen arbor Mi

Arts Tavern 
6487 W Western Ave, Glen Arbor, MI 49636

Located right in the middle of Glen Arbor, Art’s is known for making one of the best burgers in northern Michigan. But did you know that they make an amazing breakfast? Try an omelette or the sourdough french toast. There will be crowds but Art’s Tavern is worth the wait! 

Empire Village Inn 
11601 S Lacore Rd, Empire, MI 49630

Nestled in the heart of Empire, Michigan, the Empire Village Inn really captures the essence of small-town charm. The inn’s menu showcases a delightful array of American classics and local favorites, prepared with love and attention to detail.

. Combine all of this with the inn’s scenic location near Lake Michigan and you have a truly memorable dining experience waiting for you at Empire Village Inn.

La Becasse
9001 S Dunns Farm Rd, Maple City, MI 49664

La Becasse Restaurant is a hidden culinary gem that promises an extraordinary dining experience in Northern Michigan. Tucked away in Maple City, this French-inspired establishment is renowned for its exceptional cuisine and warm, welcoming ambiance.

La Becasse’s menu is a carefully curated selection of French-inspired dishes crafted with the finest locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant’s intimate setting creates an atmosphere of elegance and relaxation, making it perfect for special occasions or intimate gatherings. For those seeking an unforgettable culinary journey that embraces the artistry of French cuisine, La Becasse Restaurant is an absolute must-visit destination for Michigan foodies.

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More Leelanau Area Restaurants to Check Out

  • Farm Club
    10051 Lake Leelanau Dr, Traverse City, Michigan 49684
  • Cafe Manitou at The Homestead 
  • Broomstack Kitchen 
  • Bohemian Cafe 
  • Little Traverse Inn Gastro Pub
  • Cherry Public House

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