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Michigan Waterfalls Map

map of Michigan Waterfalls
Spray Falls in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Use the Michigan Waterfalls Map

Looking for the best Michigan Waterfalls Map for your next pure Michigan road trip? We’ve got you covered.

There really is nothing like a Michigan waterfall road trip to capture the amazing natural beauty of Michigan. The endless miles of Great Lakes shoreline combined with the endless acres of thick forests of pine and hardwood make for amazing travel adventures. You’ll also find more than 300 waterfalls to explore.

The best things about Michigan’s many waterfalls? They’re beautiful all year around.

When to Use the Map of Michigan Waterfalls

In the spring and summer months, you can take a short walking trail or longer hike to see Michigan’s beautiful waterfalls. In the autumn, the rich forested areas surrounded these waterfalls make
a perfect spot to take in Michigan fall colors. In the winter, many of the upper peninsula waterfalls freeze over, and you climb them like rock formations.

Tahquamenon falls
Tahquamenon Falls

Find Waterfalls in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Surely you’ve heard of Michigan’s famous Tahquamenon Falls, and you can find many equally beautiful waterfalls to explore in upper Michigan.

From the Porucpine Mountains to the Keweenaw Peninsula; from Munising, Michigan to the Wisconsin border, you can find stunning waterfalls. You can take a waterfall hike or simply pull into a roadside park to catch a view of some of a upper Michigan waterfall. In fact, you can spot Scott’s Falls from the road as you drive along M-28 in Au Train.

Some of tehse waterfalls are just a short walk from the parking lot, and some require a real waterfall hike, Either way, you’ll be rewarded with once-in-a-lifetime views.

Use this interactive map of Michigan waterfalls to get up close and personal with more than 31 amazing waterfalls in Michigan. The map connects to Google Maps to take you directly to the waterfalls you’ll love checking out.

Scroll to the bottom for map of Michigan waterfalls.

Ocqueoc Falls
Ocqueoc Falls

Oqueoc Falls in the Lower Peninsula

You’ll notice that all but one of the Michigan waterfalls are located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Ocqueoc Falls, just north of Alpena and south of Cheboygan, is the only waterfall in the lower peninsula worth mentioning.

All of the remaining Michigan waterfalls are located in the Upper Peninsula, and many of them are located in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Located on the shores of Lake Superior,
this national park is one of the top tourist destinations in the state of Michigan.

Considered a gem of the Great Lakes, some Pictured Rocks waterfalls have a viewing platform for you take in the spectacular scenery, too.

waterfalls in Michigan guide

Use the Guide to to Michigan Waterfalls

Michigan Waterfalls Map
Click on the map to go directly to Google Maps

List of Michigan Waterfalls on the Map

Alger Falls
Agate Falls
Bond Falls
Bridal Veil Falls
Canyon Falls
Chapel Falls
Conglomerate Falls
Dead River Falls
Eagle River Falls
Froling Falls
Gabbro Falls
Gorge Falls
Horseshoe Falls
Houghton Falls (Douglass Houghton Falls)
Hungarian Falls
Jacobs Falls
Laughing Whitefish Falls
Lower Tahquamenon Falls

Manabehzo Falls
Manganese Falls
Memorial Falls
Miners Falls in Munising
Montreal Falls
Morgan Falls
Munising Falls
Potawatomi Falls
Presque Isle Falls
Rainbow Falls
Rock River Falls
Sable Falls
Scott Falls
Spray Falls
Tannery Falls
Upper Tahquemenon Falls
Wagner Falls

Michigan Waterfalls Map Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our Michigan Waterfalls Map FAQ below for some unique facts about Michigan waterfalls.

What is the Largest Waterfall in Michigan?

Tahquamenon Falls, located in Tahquamenon Falls State Park, are the largest waterfalls in Michigan.
Comprised of two sets of falls the Upper Falls and the Lower Falls,
Tahquemenon Falls is one of Michigan’s top tourist attractions. With and drop of almost 50 feet and nearly 200 feet across, the Upper Falls are one of the biggest waterfalls
east of the Mississippi.

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