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Zip Lining in Michigan: 15 BEST Places to Zip Line and What You Need to Know

Person zip lining in michigan

Awesome Michigan Ziplining Spots for Thrill-Seekers

If you’re looking for a thrilling new activity to try out in Michigan, zip lining is a great way to enjoy the beauty of Michigan’s forests and other natural wonders while soaring high through the air!

If you’re new to ziplining or unsure of where to look for great places to zip line in Michigan, I’ve compiled a list of the 15 best places to check out, sorted by region.

.And, stick around until the end to read the section containing all you need to know about ziplining!

Ziplining in West Michigan

Muskegon Luge Adventure Sports Park

Address: 462 Scenic Dr, N. Muskegon, MI 49445
Phone: 1 (877) 879-5843
Hours: Friday 12-5pm, Saturday – Sunday 10am-5pm (Summer only; Dates in April or on weekdays by group reservation only)
Zip Line Price: $35-64

While only just recently getting their start in 2021, Muskegon Luge has already begun to build a great reputation in ziplining! Race against a friend as you soar above the trees on the park’s 1,400-foot dual zip line.

You and another rider will begin at the top of a Lake Michigan sand dune, glide through an oak and white pine forest at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour, above the tree canopies, then finally descend onto the landing platform. Available spots fill quickly, so make sure to book your tickets ahead of time!

Craig’s Cruisers of Grand Rapids

Address: 5730 Clyde Park Ave SW, Wyoming, MI 49509
Phone: (616) 530-2900
Hours: Monday – Saturday 11am-10pm, Sunday 12-10pm
Zip Line Price: $8

This family fun center was one of my favorite places to go growing up, and it continues to be a popular spot loved by many—and for a good reason! The pizza is great, and you never run out of fun stuff to do!

As you may have guessed, one of Craig’s Cruisers’ many awesome activities includes the zip line. Rather than strapping on a harness, you will be seated and buckled in, then carried off by an eagle as you soar above the mini-golf courses. If the weather is clear enough, you can even get an awesome view of downtown Grand Rapids!

guy getting ready to go zip lining in michigan

John Ball Zoo

Address: 1300 W Fulton St, Grand Rapids, MI 49504
Phone: (616) 336-4300
Hours: Every day 10am-6pm (seasonal)
Zip Line Price: $10-16 (Members $8-12.80)

Located in the Forest Realm trail near the red pandas, this four-story-tall, 600-foot zip line is ready to take you on a high-flying adventure to get a bird’s eye view of the zoo! You’ll begin at the top of a waterfall and glide across the park to another high ridge. John Ball Zoo recommends signing your waivers ahead of time online, so be sure to read through their zip line rules and regulations while visiting the website.

John Ball Zoo

Allegan Event

Address: 439 River St, Allegan, MI 49010
Phone: (269) 430-3961
Hours: Thursday – Friday 4-9pm, Saturday 10am-9pm, Sunday 11am-6pm
Zip Line Price: TBA

Originally, this zip line was located at the riverfront and would take you across the Kalamazoo River, with some awesome views. Unfortunately, the zip line is currently closed to move locations, but Allegan Event has stated that the new location will be even better. Although it isn’t open yet, I still decided to put it on this list because of Allegan Event’s positive reputation and knowledgeable staff. Stay tuned to their website for updates!

Craig’s Cruisers of Silver Lake

Address: 8343 W Hazel Rd, Mears, MI 49436
Phone: (231) 873-2511
Hours: Saturday – Tuesday, 10am-11pm, Thursday 4-10pm, Friday 4-11pm
Zip Line Price: $8

In the northern region of West Michigan and don’t want to drive all the way down to Grand Rapids for some Craig’s Cruisers fun? Don’t worry, there’s a location in the Silver Lake area with great reviews, too. Same as the GR location, the eagle is waiting to carry you high above the outdoor park!

Airborne Adventure Park of Kalamazoo

Address: 5103 Portage Rd, Kalamazoo, MI 49002
Phone: (269) 459-9243
Hours: Tuesday – Thursday 4-8pm, Friday 4-9pm, Saturday 12-9pm, Sunday 12-6pm
Zip Line Price: $15.99-23.99 (General day pass prices; membership packages are also available)

No need to let the weather take control of your ziplining plans with this indoor fun center! This zip line is fun for all ages and doesn’t require a harness. Just grab onto the handlebars and take flight over the foam cube pit, which will safely catch you if you fall.

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Ziplining in Mid Michigan

Frankenmuth Aerial Park

Address: 1375 Weiss St, Frankenmuth, MI 48734
Phone: (989) 284-0201
Hours: Spring and Fall: Saturday and Sunday 11am-7pm; Summer: Sunday – Monday and Thursday 11am-7pm, Friday 11am-9pm, Saturday 9am-9pm
Zip Line Price: $31-47 (Prices are currently impacted by Covid-19 restrictions. Stay up to date on ticket prices by checking their website)

Far more than just a simple zip line, this Frankenmuth aerial park takes you through a full obstacle course of climbing walls, crossing suspension bridges, and ziplining. If you’re looking for a course centered around ziplining, try out the park’s newest course, the FrankenZip, which features seven zip lines!

There are several different courses with varying difficulties, so be sure to check out age restrictions ahead of time, or whether your child will require an adult to accompany them. If the weather puts a damper on your plans before or during your visit, rainchecks will be issued accordingly.

girl ziplining over trees in michigan

Southeast Michigan Zip Lining Parks

TreeRunner Adventure Park of West Bloomfield

Address: 6200 Drake Rd, West Bloomfield Township, MI 48322
Phone: (248) 419-1550
Hours: Spring and Fall: Friday 3-10pm, Saturday 9am-10pm, Sunday 9am-8pm (Monday – Thursday by group reservation only); Summer: Sunday – Thursday 9am-8pm, Friday – Saturday 9am-10pm
Zip Line Price: $42-59 (Includes 3-hour general park admission)

Looking for some ziplining fun in the Metro Detroit area? Look no further than TreeRunner Adventure Park in West Bloomfield! With fun and challenging courses and 47 different zip lines, you can count on having a fun-filled day at this park. Each course has varying levels of difficulty, and there’s even a junior park for the little ones.

TreeRunner Adventure Park of Rochester

Address: 7553 Meadow Brook Rd, Rochester, MI 48309
Phone: (248) 759-5222
Hours: Spring and Fall: Friday 3-10pm, Saturday 10am-10pm, Sunday 11am-6pm (Monday – Thursday by group reservation only); Summer: Wednesday – Thursday 11am-8pm, Friday – Saturday 9am-10pm, Sunday 10am-8pm
Zip Line Price: $39-59 (Includes 3-hour general park admission)

Located in Oakland University’s campus is another awesome TreeRunner Adventure Park location awaiting your next visit. This location has fewer zip lines than the West Bloomfield location (29, as compared to 47), but still filled with awesome adventures.

person fastnening their ziplining belt

Ziplining Parks in Northern Michigan

Mt Holiday Zip Line

Address: 3100 Holiday Rd, Traverse City, MI 49686
Phone: (231) 938-2500
Hours: Tuesday and Thursday – Sunday 9am-7pm, Wednesday 9:30am-7pm
Zip Line Price: $45

Go on a high-flying scenic adventure at Mt Holiday in Traverse City and enjoy the magnificent sights of Northern Michigan’s natural beauty. This zip line will surely get your adrenalin pumping as you zip by trees at a speed of 25-30 miles per hour! Reservations are required for the full adventure tour, but walk-ins are available depending on capacity. Book your tickets now!

Boyne Mountain Adventure Center

Address: 1 Boyne Mountain Rd, Boyne Falls, MI 49713
Phone: (855) 683-8315
Hours: Every day 9am-9pm (Check website for available touring hours)
Zip Line Price: $79-84

Go on a full 2.5-3-hour ziplining adventure tour at Boyne Mountain as you soar 20-25 miles per hour across nine different zip lines, some reaching 50 feet high and 780 feet in length. You will start at the top of the mountain, then navigate through trees and across the slopes. Reservations are required for this zip line and tour hours are limited, so make sure to check out their website and plan in advance.

Historic Mill Creek Discovery Park

Address: 9001 W US-23, Mackinaw City, MI 49701
Phone: (231) 436-4226
Hours: Every day 9am-6pm (Early June – early September)
Zip Line Price: $11 (check website for more admission pricing details)

Ever wanted to feel like an eagle? Historic Mill Creek’s zip line, the Eagle’s Flight, mimics the natural glide of a bald eagle swooping down to catch a trout! The zip line stands at 40 feet high and extends to 425 feet in length.

The Eagle’s Flight is just one part of the park’s guided Forest Adventure Experience, where you can learn about the park’s history while you navigate through all sorts of fun obstacles. Please note that this is a separately ticketed attraction and requires general admission to the park in addition to the ticket price.

mackinaw city hotels

Adrenaline Falls Zipline

Address: 302 S Huron Ave, Mackinaw City, MI 49701
Phone: (231) 436-5630
Hours: Every day 10am-10pm
Zip Line Price: Call for pricing

Proclaimed as Mackinaw City’s longest zip line, the Adrenaline Falls Zipline will take you over two waterfalls and the Animal River. When taking the ride, you will have three harness positions to choose from: sitting, hanging, or the “Superman Flight.” They do not have an official website, but they received fantastic reviews, so make a phone call to learn about their pricing.

Harbor Springs Adventure Center

Address: 600 Highlands Dr, Harbor Springs, MI 49740
Phone: (855) 684-2530
Hours: (Check out their website for specific tour dates/times)
Zip Line Price: $36-74

Harbor Springs Adventure Center’s Zipline Adventure Tour was rated by MLIVE as one of the top ten zipline tours in Michigan! Unlike most zip lines, seasonal changes don’t cancel the fun at this location. Ziplining high in the air is a thrilling way to view the fall colors! For a shorter and cheaper experience, try out their Twin Zip Ride, which will give you two rides together lasting 20-45 minutes.

ultimate guide to michigan's upper peninsula

Ziplining in the Upper Peninsula

Mystery Spot

Address: N916 Martin Lake Rd, St Ignace, MI 49781
Phone: (906) 643-8322
Hours: (Every day) Spring and Fall: 10am-6pm; Summer: 10am-8pm
Zip Line Price: $20-30 (Each pass includes two zip lines)

Come visit the world-famous Mystery Spot and try out their new zip lines! This place is considered the most unusual attraction in Michigan because of the optical illusions and strange physical sensations that occur here. They have fun and unique experiences for the whole family, and also a gift shop! Ziplining itself is $20 (which includes TWO rides!), but it’s worth trying out the mystery tour while you’re there, which will only cost a little extra (altogether $25 for adults and $22 for children).

Zip Line Safety Tips

woman zip lining in michigan

What You Need to Know About Zip Lining

  • Bring your own protective gloves – Many parks no longer provide gloves for guests to use, or now charge $5 per pair, to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
  • Listen carefully to your safety briefing – Even if you’re an experienced ziplining veteran, it’s important to listen to the trained guides. You might even learn something new!
  • Bring sunscreen and bug spray if ziplining outdoors during the day.
  • Wear your harness properly – The guide will cover this in your briefing.
  • Always pay attention to your surroundings – Look around and gain a sense of what’s around you, and make sure the zip line is clear. If you’re afraid of heights, take a deep breath and focus on what’s ahead of you—not below. The guides are there to assist you and ensure your safety, so go when you feel comfortable and ready.
  • Do NOT use your phone on the zip line – You could easily lose it (which the park is NOT liable for), so please ensure that it is someplace secure. Many parks will provide lockers for you to store personal belongings in.
  • Jump only when the guide tells you to – Yes, it’s a very exciting experience, but please be patient and wait until the guides have ensured both you and the zip line are ready for takeoff
  • NEVER grab the zip line cable to stop yourself, as this could result in an injury. Most zip lines have a strap you can grab onto to slow you down, if necessary. Please pay attention to the specifics given in the safety briefing.

Proper Shoes and Attire for Zip Lining

This section can be wrapped in with the safety tips, because wearing proper shoes and attire is very important. You should always wear closed-toe shoes that won’t fall off while ziplining, and make sure to never wear skirts, dresses, really short shorts, or any clothing that is otherwise revealing or restrictive of movement.

Consider the weather and time of day, as you may want to dress for cooler weather if ziplining at night. Both Spring and Fall in Michigan can be quite cool. Long sleeves and pants can also protect you against insects and UV rays, but if it’s too hot, bug spray and sunscreen should do the trick. Leave hats behind with other personal belongings, as these could fall off.

Weight and Height Restrictions For Zip Lining

Each ziplining location has different restrictions, but an average rule of thumb for height and weight seems to be a minimum height of 48 inches tall (42 with accompaniment of an adult at Craig’s Cruisers) and a weight between 70 and 250 lbs (300 lbs or combined 450 lbs at Craig’s Cruisers).

Please check with the park if you have any concerns about meeting these general requirements. Note that these restrictions are in place for the rider to be able to reach the zip line from the platform, and for the zip line to work properly while accommodating the rider’s weight.

michigan summer- best things to do in summer in michigan

What to Expect When Zip Lining in Michigan

  • Many zip line locations require a waiver to be signed before you get on the ride, so it’s recommended that you read into it first—many sites should have one available for viewing or will provide you with one upon booking. Many locations also ask that you arrive early before your booked time (the standard is 30 minutes).
  • When you arrive, a guide will provide you with a safety briefing and answer any questions.
  • While the zip line may be high in the air, don’t be afraid! It doesn’t give you the scary stomach-dropping sensation that rollercoasters give you. Rather, you will feel light like a feather as you glide in a gentle lateral motion, and it doesn’t cause motion sickness. Many people who are afraid of heights or are sensitive to movement have stated that they were very comfortable during their experience!
  • Ziplining also does not require athletic fitness, and the most challenging aspect is hiking or climbing to the top of the platform.

Impact of Covid-19 on Zip Lining in Michigan

Covid-19 has heavily impacted many parks, even forcing some to permanently close which would have otherwise been mentioned on this list. Fun places like Wildwood Rush and Go Ape are unfortunately two examples of zip lines that have been shut down.

In addition, as mentioned in the safety tips section, gloves are no longer shared between riders, and many parks will require you to bring your own or purchase a pair on the spot. These locations are otherwise doing what they can to prevent the spread of Covid-19 by regularly cleaning their zip lines and equipment.

When to Avoid Ziplining

  • You should never zipline in severe weather such as thunderstorms or blizzards, and even a small amount of rain could potentially create a safety hazard. This is why zip lines are generally closed during rainstorms and during the winter season. If the weather ruins your plans, try an indoor park or move your plans to another day.
  • Please refrain from ziplining if you are pregnant.
  • Those with physical health complications, such as heart problems, joint or back injuries, or fresh stitches, should also refrain from ziplining, so not to potentially worsen these conditions.
  • Mental health is also an important factor, as all riders should be able to understand and demonstrate zipline safety and know how to wear their protective gear properly.
  • Many parks prohibit those under the influence of drugs or alcohol from participating. Even if no restrictions are in place for this, please avoid any drug or alcohol use, as this could potentially endanger the safety of you and those around you.
  • Stay vigilant! If you suspect that park staff lack knowledge or are demonstrating negligence in zipline safety (which shouldn’t be an issue at any of the locations listed, but just in case), bring your concerns to management or go to a different location. Your safety is the number one priority.

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