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ArtPrize Grand Rapids 2023: Ultimate Guide (Interactive Map, Parking, What to SEE)

grand rapids art prize - ultimate guide to art prize

Ultimate Guide to ArtPrize 2022 in Grand Rapids (Where to Park, Interactive Map and More)

Art Prize Grand Rapids is here again and it promises to be better than ever!

Beginning September 15th – October 2nd, Grand Rapids MI will come alove with the sights and sounds of one of the biggest art festivals in the country.

What IS Grand Rapids Art Prize 2022?

Grand Rapids has many treasures that make it a great city to visit, but ArtPrize really takes the cake and makes it one of the most unique cities in the Midwest. Every fall Grand Rapids is transformed into an “Urban Art Adventure” unlike any other art exhibit.

For an 18 days the downtown area is a canvas for hundreds of artists all over the world to come and showcase their talents. During ArtPrize from Ann Street to Wealthy Street, between College Avenue and Alpine Avenue, you’ll find concerts, dance parties, festivals, and family art-making activities.

Check out our Ultimate Guide to ArtPrize 2022 to plan your trip this year, and be sure to use the Interactive Map of Art Prize venues to help you plan your trip!

art on the wall in grand rapids - art prize in grand rapids mi

About ArtPrize Grand Rapids 2022

ArtPrize awards $450,000 to artists based on several categories: 2D, 3D, Time-Based, Installation, and the Outstanding Venue Juried Award.

But the goal of ArtPrize isn’t simply to give money to the “best” artist. Instead, their founding principles are to spark conversations about art and why it matters, promote cultural understanding, and build a sense of community.

The first ArtPrize was in 2009, and it was held annually until 2018 when they switch to a biannual schedule – which was delayed due to COVID. This year’s ArtPrize is the second competition since COVID and the city is very excited.

ArtPrize brings in thousands of visitors to the city which supports local businesses and fulfills the “building community” principle behind ArtPrize as all of Grand Rapids come together to appreciate the beauty.

artists in grand rapids - ultimate guide to art prize in grand rapids

Where to Park for Art Prize in Grand Rapids

Another great thing about ArtPrize being in Grand Rapids is that this city is one of the most accessible cities in all of Michigan. There’s plenty of parking all over the downtown area, from parking garages to street parking to meter parking, you’ll find a spot with no trouble. For the past two ArtPrize years, I’ve parked on the Fulton Street Bridge.

In 2018 there was an exhibit right on the water of the river, so I was able to park and see an art installation immediately. No matter where you park this will probably be the case since there are so many different art pieces all over the city. Other great options include the Fulton & Ottawa Parking Ramp or the Gerald R Ford Museum Parking Garage.

Downtown market grand rapids

Exhibits at ArtPrize Grand Rapids

Since the exhibits are so spread out you can also utilize the DASH and The Rapid’s public transportation services, which are all wheelchair accessible and allow ADA service animals. There is also GO!Bus which is a shared ride service that requires advanced reservation.

ArtPrize is committed to making sure that people of all ages are able to experience everything the city has to offer during the 18-day art festivities.

artists working - ultimate guide to art prize 2022

When to Go to ArtPrize (Hours, Best Times to Go)

There’s not a bad time to go to ArtPrize, but remember that the hours are: Monday – Thursday from 5 to 8 pm, Friday and Saturday from noon to 8 pm, and Sunday from noon to 6 pm. I personally try to avoid crowds at all costs, so I was nervous that ArtPrize would be too congested, but I was definitely wrong.

Because there are hundreds of exhibits in the three-square miles of venues, people are very spread out and are able to leisurely see the installations at their own speed. Whatever time you go will be perfect, just remember to bring some walking shoes.

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What to See at Grand Rapids Art Prize 2022 (ArtPrize Venues)

Obviously, there is plenty to see and do while you visit ArtPrize, but the art isn’t published or announced prior to the event so we are lucky enough to be surprised the day we go.

But there are events that you can plan your visit around, like the Opening Community Kick Off event on September 16th from 7 pm to 11 pm, where you can expect live music, food, beer, and wine. Keep an eye out for other event announcements as the date approaches, and keep in mind that the spontaneity of ArtPrize is the best part.

Any day you stop by will be a great experience with festivities that you didn’t know were even going on. During the last ArtPrize, I was headed downtown to eat at San Chez and I happened upon a live rap battle right by Rosa Parks Circle – events like that will pop up all over the ArtPrize district throughout the 18-day period.

Art Prize Map - guide to 2022 Art Prize in grand rapids

Use the Interactive 2022 Art Prize Map

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What Else to Do at Art Prize

Since you’ll be in downtown Grand Rapids, you may as well use the trip to experience the other amazing things the city has to offer. Just east of ArtPrize you’ll find Eastown, which has amazing boutiques, small businesses, and excellent restaurants.

I recommend Chez Olga, an authentic Caribbean restaurant in the coolest building in all of Michigan. Located on Wealthy Street, this building was home to McKendree Jewelers for 45 years until the jeweler retired and left this amazing building to the owners of Chez Olga.

Authentic Caribbean food is hard to come by in Michigan, so it’s an extra treat that it is in such a unique building as well. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Grand Rapids so you can find out all of the other amazing things to do in our great city.

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