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Gull Lake MI (Fabulous Fun in Southwest Michigan)

Gull Lake Michigan: Southwest Michigan Fun

Picture this: You’re sitting at the end of a wooden dock on Gull Lake, your feet dangling in the cool lake water, your face basking in the warm summer sun, your stomach full of delicious local food, fresh from the surrounding farms.

You’ve spoken to friendly locals, explored the walking trails and taken in the natural beauty, and enjoyed every minute of your relaxing visit to Gull Lake Michigan.

It’s just another perfect day at Gull Lake, MI.

Gull Lake mi

Visit Gull Lake MI

Gull Lake, located in Kalamazoo County, is a beautiful lake destination for Michigan travelers.

Whether you go for a day or stay for a week, you’re sure to love this unique area near Richland MI.

Set in the heart of southwest Michigan’s farm country, this pretty area offers so much to do for residents and visitors alike. You’ll find many county parks, opportunities for horseback riding, fresh farmers markets, and so much more.

In addition to swimming, splashing, sailing and kayaking, the clear, deep water makes Gull Lake a favorite for scuba diving, too.

We have an excellent bucket list all set for your adventures, so collect your beach bag and your wanderlust and follow us to Gull Lake.

visit gull lake

Discover the Gull Lake Beaches

Gull Lake is accessible by multiple beaches, but it’s not the only lake worth checking out in the area.

With the chain of lakes surrounding Gull Lake, you’ll have your Michigan beach days covered. There are two great public access sites in Hickory Corners, both with picnic tables, restrooms and a swim area.

Gull Lake Public Access
15475 S. M 43Hwy, Hickory Corners, MI 49060

Gull Lake Public Access Site in Hickory Corners MI provides a lovely, green park with a sandy beach and peaceful views of the rippling Gull Lake waters. We love how shady this beach is when the summer heat is driving us to a refreshing swim or a relaxed day of reading by the lake.

Ross Township Park Ross Township Park
Hickory Corners MI 49060

Ross Township Park is the perfect place for a Gull Lake picnic and a swim in the clear waters.

With a $10 entrance fee, you’ll have access to the beach, the park, and the Michigan fun waiting for you at the lake. Don’t miss the sun setting over the lake in jaw-dropping displays of color come evening.

gull lake michigan

Beaches Near Gull Lake

Fort Custer State Recreation Area

The three lakes at Fort Custer State Park are a must-visit when you’re near Gull Lake.

Fort Custer Recreation Area is not just warm, sandy beaches and calm lake water. It provides 40 miles of wooded walking trails, fields of wildflowers, and places to just sit and unwind with a beautiful lake view.

If you’re looking for a place to camp, check out the Fort Custer campground.

secret must see beaches

Explore MORE Michigan Beaches

You’ll find some of the world’s best beaches in Michigan. The best part? No salt and no sharks!

Gull Lake Marinas and Boating

It’s fun to relax on the beach and splash around on the shoreline with a group of friends, but when a speedy boat powers through the water, visitors flying in its wake on tubes and water skis, it’s hard not to join.

The Gull Lake Marina is the place to start. You can rent all kinds of boats, from tow boats to pontoons to sailboats.

If you’d rather kayak or paddleboard, this is the place to gear up. The Marine offers a huge inventory for your boating needs and even lessons if you’re set on surfing like a pro.

You can learn more about paddle boarding in southwest Michigan here.

Gull Lake, Fort Custer’s lakes, the nearby Eagle Lake, and others in the area also have boat launches if you’re bringing your own boat or kayak.

skiing on gull lake

Fun Places to Explore near Gull Lake MI

Gull Lake has fun for days waiting for you at the water, but there is also a wide variety of unique places to discover in between your beach and boating adventures.

Gull Meadow Farms is a cozy summer and fall destination with an apple orchard, pumpkin patch, and a bakery full of mouthwatering donuts.

This is a perfect family day filled with wandering through the corn maze, shopping the market, and sipping cold apple cider with your picnic dinner overlooking the beautiful Michigan orchards.

Kellogg Bird Sanctuary may surprise you with their opportunities for family fun.

Here, you’ll hike the trails, meet the beautiful birds, and enjoy the surrounding nature. You can also pick up a bucket of corn from the visitors center to feed the geese.

Learn more about the sanctuary by perusing their summer event calendar.

Gull Lake View Golf Club and Resort is a luxurious, community-centered place for locals and visitors to come together in the name of golf.

Between the world-class golf courses, the restaurants, and the incredible real estate, golf has never been better.

To check availability of tee times and to learn about the golf packages, visit their website.

The motto of Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners is “telling the history of America through the automobile,” and every part of the museum stands by it.

With events for the whole family, 90 acres of property, and 435 unique automobiles on display, Gilmore Car Museum has become a destination for 130,000 annual visitors.

Take in a play at the The Barn Theater in Augusta Mi, one of the top professional equity summer stock theatres in the country.

The Barn Theater School has been operating for almost 75 years and has provided a start for many stars of the stage and screen.

Places to Eat near Gull Lake MI

While you’re in the Gull Lake area, you’ll be enjoying some amazing food at hidden gems of restaurants throughout the area.

These are a few that we know and love:

Nina’s Taqueria: Enjoy delicious, filling Mexican cuisine in a rustic, friendly atmosphere surrounded by Tex-Mex colors and spices.

Chicken House: Known for their chicken, tacos, and ice cream, this is a great place for family dining after a long lake day.

The Local: There’s nothing like a pan of hot, cheesy pizza in a friendly, small-town atmosphere, with your family and friends surrounding you on every side. The Local is a great place to dine on pasta, burgers, and the local favorites of Richland, Michigan.

The Rooster’s Call: Ready for a delicious, hardy breakfast before your day on the lake? The Rooster’s Call is a family-oriented breakfast and lunch café just ten minutes from Gull Lake.

Lickity Split Ice Cream Shop: Augusta’s ice cream shop is the perfect place for a quick scoop of cold, sweet dessert in between summer activities.

gull lake michigan

Where to Stay Near Gull Lake MI

Is a day really long enough to fully soak in the delights of Gull Lake?

With a few different lodging options, it’s not difficult to turn your day trip into a weekend or even week-long vacation.

If you’re planning to golf, staying at the Gull Lake Resort is a great idea. The Gull Lake Inn provides a clean, cozy place to stay with free Wi-Fi, parking, and great service.

Check out the bed and breakfasts near Gull Lake for a more personable stay overnight.

Gull Lake Cottage Rentals

You can also check out local property management companies for private cottage and home rentals such as Airbnb or

Gull Lake Favorites

We’ve just shared some of our favorite spots in Gull Lake with you. Please be sure and drop us a comment below and let us know if we’ve missed YOUR favorite spot in the Gull Lake area.

Gull Lake F.A.Q.

Q. Where is Gull Lake Michigan?

A. Gull Lake is located midpoint between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek (of breakfast cereal fame), and its shoreline includes the Gull Lake communities of Richland, Hickory Corners and Augusta. It’s also less than an hour drive from Grand Rapids.

Q. Is Gull Lake Good for Fishing?

A. Gull Lake is one of the best inland lakes in Michigan for fishing. With a maximum depth of approximately 110 feet deep, this body of water is home to many different species of fish, similar to many inland lakes in Michigan’s upper peninsula.
Gull Lake is a valuable fishery resource, due to the efforts of the local officials. Thanks to the the status of the fishery that provides for restocking, and you’ll find rainbow trout, largemouth bass, lake trout, northern pike, yellow perch, smallmouth bass.
The department of natural resources fisheries division, along with Barry counties communities work to keep the waters clean, and healthy, which includes battling the invasive zebra mussel, which has plagued the Great Lakes waters in recent years. Both trout and salmon and bass and yellow perch have been abundant in these waters in recent years as well.


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