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Yooperlite: Where to FIND Michigan’s Mysterious Glowing Rocks (MAP)

Yooperlite stone on the shores of lake superior in Michigan's upper peninsula
photo courtesy of_sovereign_photography_

All About Yooperlite

The secret is out on Michigan rock collecting, and the shores of Lake Superior near Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is a magnet for Yooperlite hunting in Michigan.

Rock hounds love Michigan’s shores – and for good reason, thanks to Yooperlites and Petoskey Stones.

From the bottom of the Great Lakes, unique and special rocks are picked up with the current and dropped off on the shore for us to find.

Yooperlite Rock is Special

Among the many beautiful gem and mineral deposits or rocks in Michigan’s beaches, such as Petoskey Stones and Charlevoix Stones to Lake Superior Agates, the Yooperlite glow stone is one of the most unique. The shores of our Great Lakes provide a pure Michigan treasure trove of rocks for any collector.

Walking along the coast at night with a black light or UV light begins to feel otherworldly as the luminescence hiding in plain sight becomes revealed. You’ll see rocks that feel as if they’ve fallen from space rather than washed ashore from the depths of Lake Superior.

Read on to discover more about Yooperlite glow rocks and use this guide to finding Yooperlites to make your own discoveries!

If you plan to travel Michigan in search of Yooperlite, use our map at the bottom of this post to find areas where Yooperlites have been found.

What are Yooperlites?

Yooperlites were discovered in 2017 by Erik Rintamaki, who gave them their regional northern Michigan name. This makes this Michigan rock a relatively new discovery, but they aren’t exactly new to the state. Rock and Gem amazgine called Rintamaki’s Yooperlite finds, “A great discovery.”

Yooerplite is made up of mostly syenite rock, which is similar to granite, which means the rock looks like any other dark stones or typical gray rock, but there’s a twist. Yooperlites are rich with fluorescent sodalite, which glows a vibrant orange or yellow under Ultraviolet Light.

These glow-in-the-dark deposits of sodalite can form various patterns, including sparsely spotted, geometric lines, and an all-over sort of pattern reminiscent of a galaxy somewhere in space.

Each stone is unique and may even host a mix of patterns of the fluorescent sodalite, adding to the ever-growing list of what makes this glowing rock so magnificent.

yooperlite rocks in michigan
Photo by -sovereign-photography

How to Find Yooperlite Rock

Finding Yooperlites is unlike most other rockhounding excursions. In fact, some Yooperlite hunters that I know made their discoveries while beachcombing with metal detectors. Their big find was a Yooperlite, and they were hooked!

Aside from searching at night time, the tools you need to find Yooperlites are a bit specific, but we have you covered with a guide that will help you be successful in your hunt for the perfect Yooperlite rock.

fluorescent yooperlite rocks in Michigan

Where to Find Yooperlite

Yooperlites, as the name suggests, are found in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, specifically along the Lake Superior coast. You can find them mostly along the eastern beaches of Lake Superior, from Grand Marais in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, to Sault Ste. Marie. They’re found along the Keweenaw Peninsula as well.

best rock hunting beaches in michigan

When to Find Yooperlite

We recommend searching for Yooperlite in the early springtime (from late March into April). In spring the ice has shifted and the rocks that have been stuck all winter are pushed up to the shoreline. Spring also gets you on the beach before they begin to get busy during the summer season, meaning the rocks haven’t already been picked over. As a bonus, there are fewer of those pesky mosquitos in spring!

What You Need to Find Yooperlite

There are a few tools that will help you in your search for Yooperlite; some are specific to finding these elusive rocks and others are equipment that will help keep you safe during your search.

Tools/Equipment for Finding Yooperlite

Black Light UV Flashlight: You need a good 365nm UV light. This is what will help you find your Yooperlites. Without an ultraviolet light, the rocks won’t glow, so a good quality UV light is a must. We recommend a filtered UV flashlight with UV 365nm for best visibility. We used these 365nm UV lights in our search for Yooperlites. They are reasonably priced, arrived quickly (once we knew were making a Yooperlite hunting road trip) and have a USB cord for easy charging.

PRO-TIP: If you’re a serious rockhound, you might think about purchasing a C8 The Petoskey Stone Convoy C8 365nm UV LED Flashlight with Patented Glass Filter, which is waterproof, too. In addition to protecting against accidental water immersion, the Convoy C-8 has a long run time, too.

Head Lamp: Upper Michigan is pretty remote and it can get pretty dark out there, especially on the water. A headlamp can help you navigate the rocky coastline safely. A flashlight will also work, but a headlamp will help keep you as hands-free as possible. We used this Rechargeable, LED Wide Beam Headlamp with a Motion Sensor. It was comfortable and worked well.

Extra Batteries: There’s no bigger bummer than having your Yooperlite search prematurely ended thanks to a dead UV light or headlamp. Bring batteries to replace any dead ones and rock(hunt) on! This Six-pack of Duracell Batteries is just the right amount to keep you charged on your hunt.

Bag: The last thing you want is to gather up a handful of Yopperlites with nowhere to put them. Bring a bag with you to store your treasures in. A mesh bag works great for coastal rock hunting, but a fanny pack or backpack can help keep your hands free. I use this mesh bag with a drawstring for swimming, and it’s pretty druable, so I bought an extra one for rock collecting. so I Ultimately, it’s up to your own preference. I us

Glow Sticks: Glow sticks make fantastic navigational tools. Place them at important points, such as where you entered the beach, and along your path like a neon breadcrumb trail so that you don’t become disoriented in the dark.

PRO-TIP: Place them away from the water so they don’t get washed away into Lake Superior.

What to Wear When Looking for Yooperlite Rocks

Appropriate Shoes: Being near the shore means that you might be getting a bit wet. Additionally, the waves crashing on the rocks means they will definitely be wet, so having shoes that maintain their grip when they’re wet is an absolute must for safe navigation.

Warm Clothes: After the sun sets, the temperatures get pretty low by the water. Always be prepared and bring warm clothes that you can layer as the temperature begins dropping.

More to Bring When Looking for Yooperlite

Water/Snacks: It’s never a bad idea to have food and water on you, especially when outdoors, and even more so when exploring at night. Always be prepared! (Plus, you can satiate any late-night snack cravings you might get.)

Sand Dipper/Rock Scoop: While not necessary, it’s certainly a nice luxury to have when searching for rocks that may be in the water. This sand dipper/rock scoop has an adjustable handle.

sand dipper for finding yooperlite
Sand Dipper for Finding Yooperlite Rocks

Tips and Tricks for Finding Yooperlites

  • Arrive at your destination before sunset so you can familiarize yourself with the area and make sure you know how to get back to your vehicle safely.
  • Research the area where you intend to collect. Knowing the region is a massively underrated safety precaution that’s easy to take.
  • Always check the weather before you go. The last thing you want is to be caught in a storm you didn’t know was coming.
  • Make sure someone knows where you are! Cell service in the UP can get spotty, so having someone who knows where you are can be a huge help in case of emergency.
  • Go with friends! Not only is group rockhounding more fun, but there is safety in numbers.
  • Make sure to check behind you! Different angles of UV light can make the sodalite fluoresce, so shining the light from behind you can make a rock glowing visible that wasn’t seen when in front of you.
  • Search for Yooperlites after a storm. Similar to Petoskey stones, storms cause disruption that can make new rocks surface.
  • Have a healthy respect for the mighty Lake Superior and be extra careful when traversing her coastlines. The water level can change drastically within a few minutes with sudden changes in wind or barometric pressure, so using caution is strongly advised.
map of yooperlites in michigan

Yooperlite Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are Yooperlites found?

A: Yooperlites are found on the Lake Superior coast in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Q: What Makes Yooperlites glow?

A: What makes Yooperlites glow is the fluorescent sodalite included in the makeup of the rock.

Q: Are Yooperlites rare?

A: Yooperlites are a relatively unique formation of the common element, fluorescent sodalite.

Q: Can you find Yooperlites during the day?

A: Yes, you can find Yooperlite during the day, but because you need a black light, it’s definitely more visible at night.

Q: What color does sodalite glow?

A: Sodalite glows a fluorescent orange or yellow under UV light and is the mineral that gives Yooperlites their glow.

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Tanya Sansom

Saturday 5th of August 2023

I live in Two Harbors, have you heard of any Yooperlite in this area?!

My Michigan Beach Team

Sunday 6th of August 2023

Hi Tanya, Thanks for reaching out. Our website is Michigan-specific, so we have not heard much about the Two Harbors area. You are awfully close to the UP on the same body of water, so I would definitely try to find what you can. Please report back and share your findings with our readers! Happy Yooperlite Hunting!


Friday 28th of October 2022

Just heard about these unique rocks. You bet I’m gonna be out there looking the next time I’m along the shoreline. And I’ve got to find the proper flashlight.

My Michigan Beach Team

Friday 20th of January 2023

Hi Denny - Thanks for reaching out! Good Luck on your hunt for Yooperlites!


Thursday 23rd of June 2022

Found a yooperlite at Pt Bestie Lighthouse Beach near Frankfort, MI

My Michigan Beach Team

Friday 24th of June 2022

Hi Victoria! That's a great find - Congratulations. Thanks so much for sharing!