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Apple Picking in Michigan: 15 TOP Spots for UPick Michigan Apples

Apple Picking Michigan: Best U-Pick Apple Orchards in Michigan

Looking for the best places for apple picking in Michigan?

You’re in the right place: while spring and summer in Michigan are the time for picking strawberries, blueberries, and cherries, fall in Michigan is for apples!

During the autumn months, Michiganders flock to cider mills for Michigan apples and to get their hands on fresh-squeezed apple cider. Michigan apple orchards and family farms come alive during apple season, with enough fun activities and fresh apples to keep us going all season long.

In fact, picking your own apples to make apple pies or apple sauce is one of the top fall activities, right along with visiting pumpkin patches and corn mazes.

If you’re looking for a new orchard to visit this fall, there are plenty of great U-Pick options in every corner of the state. Read on for the best Michigan u-pick apples!

Be sure and check out our Guide to the Best Michigan Cider Mills and Michigan Cider Mills Map for the very best warm donuts and fresh apple cider.

U-Pick apples in michgan - best places to pick apples in Michigan

Guide to Michigan Apple Varieties

Honey Crisp, McIntosh, and Gala are a few Michigan favorites, all with different levels of crunch, flavor, and juiciness to satisfy every apple lover. Here is a guide to even more Michigan apples to help you determine the best for baking, cooking or simply eating fresh.


Crisp and spicy, these sweet-tasting apples are firm and hold their shape, which makes them ideal for pies and baking, and eating, too.


Cortlands are a bit tart, similar to a Macintosh. This sweet apple with white flesh is good for both eating fresh and baking


This is my go-to apple, perfect for a crunchy snack or for baking. The Empire apple is both sweet and tart at the same time. Texture remains very firm and it’s a good storing apple, too. I always use a few Empires when I am baking an apple pie.


This newer variety of apple is a good one for storing; it keeps very well. Evercrisp are both sweet, crunchy, and juicy.


Both sweet and tart at the same time, Fuji is my favorite snacking apple. Fuji is another apple that is good for storing; it keeps very well.


It’s the third-most-popular apple in Michigan according to the Michigan Apple Growers Association, and with good reason. It’s crisp and sweet and holds its shape, making it perfect for baking or eating.

Bushel of Michigan Apples from a Upick apple farm

Ginger Gold

The Ginger Gold is a milder apple, sweet with a hint of spice. The Ginger Gold is an early apple, and great for eating fresh.

Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious apples have a smooth and sweet taste perfect for eating fresh or baking.

Honey Crisp

This newcomer to the Michigan apple scene is very popular, mostly due to its sweet and crisp flavor. It’s the perfect apple for eating fresh.

Ida Red

The tart Ida Red is great for eating fresh or baking. It’s a firmer apple and holds its shape when baked. Its crisp and tangy flavor makes it a popular choice for pies and sauces.


Jonagold’s are crisp and juicy and perfect for eating fresh.


This is another go-to, because it can be used both for eating fresh or baking. It’s sweet and spicy at the same time.


This is a classic, white-fleshed apple with a crisp and sweet taste. McIntosh are good for eating fresh or baking, they make exceptionally good applesauce.

Northern Spy

The secret ingredient to the perfect apple pie, the Northern Spy is a tart and flavorful apple that is perfect for baking and cooking.

Paula Red

Paula Reds are a late summer apple with a tart flavor. They are good for both eating fresh and baking.

Red Delicious

This popular apple is very sweet and crisp, making it perfect for eating fresh.


Round Rome apples have a sweet flavor and hold their shape well, which makes them perfect for baking.

MIchigan apple tree at a upick Michigan aple orchard

U-Pick Apple Orchards in South and Southeast Michigan

Country Mill Orchard & Cider Mill
Address: 4648 Otto Road, Charlotte, MI 48813

Looking to bake a pie or crisp? A half-bushel of apples from Country Mill Orchard in Charlotte should help. You can pick one for $15 until the beginning of November. Don’t miss out on other the other u-pick opportunities while you’re there, which include sunflowers and pumpkins.

McCallum’s Orchard & Cider Mill
Address: 5697 Harris Rd, Grant Township, MI 48032

If you’re looking for more than more than just apples, don’t skip out on McCallum’s Orchard & Cider Mill. In addition to u-pick fruit, McCallum’s is home to a Kid’s Zone, petting zoo, sunflower maze, wagon rides and haunted attractions. Check it out if you’re heading to the thumb area of the state.

row of apple trees - michigan U pick apples

Westview Orchards & Winery
Address: 65075 Van Dyke, Washington, MI 48095

Located in Wasington about 40 miles north of Detroit, Westview spans over 188 acres. Up to 15 kinds of apples are available for u-pick through the fall. Other family fun includes pumpkin u-pick, a huge corn maze, an apple drop slide and a three-acre playground. The winery is open on the weekends, complete with live music!

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Spicer Orchards Farm Market & Winery
Address: 10411 Clyde Rd, Fenton, MI 48430

Honeycrisp, Gala, Blondie, Golden Delicious and MacIntosh apples are all available for u-pick at Spicer Orchards in Fenton, located off of US Route 23. Once you pick enough apples, be sure to check out the corn maze before leaving. Hold on to your ticket because once you find your way out, you can turn it in for a cider and donut at the bakery.

apple trees in Michigan - u pick apple orchards in Michigan

U-Pick Apple Orchards in West Michigan

Crane Orchards
Address: 6054 124th Ave, Fennville, MI 49408

The sixth generation of Crane farmers runs this orchard in Fennville. Stop off at Crane’s to pick some Ginger Gold, Jonagold, Fuji, Red Delicious apples (to name a few). As Crane’s is about 7 miles from the beaches of Lake Michigan, it’s the perfect opportunity to catch a stunning fall sunset on the way home after a day at the orchard. Crane’s even has its own resident photographer for those looking for a fun, fall photoshoot.

Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery
Address: 3142 4 Mile Road NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Located in Grand Rapids, Robinette’s has been around for 110 years. Robinette’s offers 35 varieties of apples including u-pick at $20/peck. Visitors to Robinette’s can also find a cider mill, bakery, winery, corn maze and hayrides on site.

Rasch Cherry and Apple Market
Address: 17647 40th Avenue, Conklin MI 49403

Rasch Market found in Conklin, just north of Allendale Township, has 15 choices of u-pick and pre-pick apples available for purchase in the fall. The on-site Cherry on Top Bakery also offers apple baked items for visitors to enjoy – and don’t forget the cider and donuts.

Overhiser Orchards
Address: 6405 109th Ave, South Haven, MI 49090

Overhiser’s, located in South Haven, has apples and just about every other fruit you can imagine available for u-pick. Picking of the beloved Honeycrip starts around Sept. 12. Be sure to check out the rest of Overhiser’s picking schedule, which includes cherries, blueberries, peaches, plums and pears, while you’re there.

Grange Fruit Farm
Address: 1900 13 Mile Road Northeast, Rockford, MI 49341

If you’re heading north on US-131 through Grand Rapids, stop off at Grange Fruit Farm in Rockford for some u-pick apples. The farm also offers pumpkin picking in the fall and cherries and peaches in the summer months.

U-Pick Apple Orchards in Mid-Michigan

Phillips Orchards and Cider Mill
Address: 1174 West Gratiot County Line Road, Saint Johns, MI 48879

Phillips Orchards is located right off of US-127 in St. Johns. U-pick for apples starts Sept. 17 and runs through Oct. 23. After picking apples, visitors can watch the cider making process, picnic in the fields, enjoy a hard cider on the patio (or all three).

variety of Michigan apples - apple picking in michigan

Clearview Orchards
Address: 1051 Barry Road, Haslett, MI 48840

Clearview Orchards is the perfect option for anyone looking to u-pick apples in the Lansing area. It’s located in Haslett, about 25 minutes for the state capitol. Check in at the farm stand upon arrival to reeicve a bag before heading to the orchards for some Empire and McIntosh apples. Pre-picked Honey Crisp, Gala, Golden Supreme and Cortland are also available for purchase.

U-Pick Apple Orchards in Northern Michigan

King Orchards Farm Market
Address: 4620 N M-88, Central Lake, Michigan 49622

If you’re looking for u-pick apple options in Northern Michigan, King Orchards in Central Lake is a good starting point. Honey Crisp and McIntosh are available for $20/peck at the M-88 market. King Orchards also offers t-shirts and an assortment of cherry goods for purchase online.

Rennie Orchards
Address: 11221 Munro Road, Williamsburg, MI 49690

Located 15 minutes north of Traverse City, Rennie Orchards offers a variety of 19 different apples, including Honeycrisp for all your u-pick desires. Other attractions at Rennie’s include wagon rides and a kids hay bale maze.

Nugent Orchards
Address: 5565 Demerly Road, Benzonia, MI 49616

U-pick season at Nugent Orchards, located in Benzonia off of M-31, begins Sept. 17 and includes nine different types of apples to chose from depending on your preference. Be sure to check out Nugent’s wedding venue, The Cherry Barn and an AirBnB property, Woodland North Glamping as well to try some Michigan-style glamping.

Friske Farm Market
Address: 10743 US-31, Ellsworth, MI, 49729

Friske Farm Market in Ellsworth has dozens of varieties to chose from if you’re looking for apples near the top of the mitten. Pears, peaches, nectarines, corn, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables are available for purchase on site.

If you’re looking for a bite to eat before you leave, be sure to check out the market’s bakery and cafe for baked goods, chili, soups, sandwiches, wraps, salads and more.

Bonus: Friske’s is home to festivals and other events throughout the fall if you’re looking for some extra fun after picking apples.

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Michigan U Pick Apples F.A.Q.

When is the Best Time to Pick Michigan Apples?

The best time to find a wide variety of apples is Early September to late October.

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