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Michigan’s Adventure Waterpark and Amusement Park 2023: Tips, Ticket Deals, Maps & More

Michigan's adventure Waterpark
Michigan’s Adventure Waterpark

2023 Guide to Michigan’s Adventure Amusement and Water Park

Michigan’s Adventure Theme Park
4750 Whitehall Rd., Muskegon, MI 49445

We’re excited to take you on an epic journey to Michigan’s Adventure Theme Park and Michigan’s WildWater Adventure, the beloved amusement park and water park in West Michigan. Get ready to immerse yourself in the heart-pounding excitement of thrilling rides, make a splash in the refreshing water park, indulge in delicious dining options, and discover the wonders of pure Michigan family-friendly fun at Michigan’s largest amusement park.

Maybe roller coasters and water rides were a staple part of your childhood, or maybe you’ve never set foot in an amusement park. Either way, this roller coaster and water park in Muskegon, Michigan, is the perfect way to spend a summer day (or maybe more).

In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know to plan you visit to Michigan’s Adventure and WildWater Adventure. Learn about Camp Snoopy and Beagle Scouts acres, perfect for young families, as well as hours, an exclusive discount tickets deal, top rides, dining options, a park map and information about the upcoming Tricks and Treats Fall Weekends.

Read on to discover more about Michigan’s Adventure and WildWater Adventure.

Michigan is home to more than 20 waterparks an this one is definitely one of the BEST!

Rollercoster at Michigans Adventure Water and Amusement park

About Michigan’s Adventure Water Park

Michigan’s Adventure in Muskegon County started in 1956 as a petting zoo called Deer Park Funland. It was reinvented as a Funland twelve years later when kids rides, carnival rides, and eventually, roller coasters, were built. Over the following years, it evolved from a deer park in Michigan to a center for fun and thrills.

When Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, owner of Kings Dominion and Kings Island, bought it in 2001, the park underwent some major upgrades and grew in popularity. Now, it is a well-known and loved amusement park that hosts music festivals, draws in all audiences, and reunites both kids and adults with their spirits of adventure every summer.

2023 Michigan’s Adventure Amusement Park and Michigan’s WildWater Park Hours of Operation (separate hours)

  • Operating dates and times subject to change without notice.
  • Please note that Michigan’s Adventure and WildWater Adventure may have different opening and closing times.

Michigan’s Adventure is open from 11 AM – 8 PM daily through August 14, 2023. Hours change and there are daily closures occurring through Labor Day weekend, September 4, 2023. Check the calendar here for more details.

Michigan’s WildWater is open from noon – 6 PM daily through August 14, 2023. Hours change and there are daily closures occurring through Labor Day weekend, September 4, 2023. Check the calendar here for more details.

rollercoaster at Michigan adventure

2023 Ticket Prices & Admission for Michigan’s Adventure and Michigan’s WildWater

Single Day Admission Online $56.98 (includes $49.99 ticket + $6.99 processing fee)

  • Ages 3 & Up; Visitors under the age of 2 are free
  • Includes admission to both Michigan’s Adventure and Michigan’s Wildwater

Two-Day Pass Online $64.99

  • Visit any two days in 2023
  • Includes admission to both Michigan’s Adventure and Michigan’s Wildwater

2023 Season Pass $109

  • Unlimited visits through October
  • Free general parking
  • Exclusive discounts and perks
  • Includes admission to both Michigan’s Adventure and Michigan’s Wildwater

Parking Fee

  • Regular Vehicle $20
  • Oversized Vehicle $30

You can find additional information about Dining Passes, Cabana Rental, Wagon and Stroller Rental Fees here

Map of Michigan's Adventure
Map of Michigan’s Adventure and Michigan’s WildWater

The Rides at Michigan Adventure Theme Park, Michigan’s Wildwater and Camp Snoopy

There’s nothing like slowly ascending a roller coaster, everything beneath you growing smaller and smaller as you climb higher into the sky, then rolling over the uppermost peak and plummeting down the hill, screams of excitement ringing in your ears.

If this sounds like the best kind of pure Michigan fun, then Michigan’s Adventure is the place for you. With 53 thrill rides like the infamous Shivering Timbers, a mile-long wooden roller coaster, and five family rides like the giant gondola wheel, the park has something for everyone, including four roller coasters!

From the ferris wheel to putt putt golf, there is somethign for kid and kid-at-heart here. Please note there are some height requirements, and wait times vary.

The Snakepit Ride at Michigan Adventure Waterpark

Rides in Michigan’s Adventure and Michigan’s Wildwater

  • Shivering Timbers: Brace yourself for an exhilarating wooden roller coaster experience that will leave you breathless.
  • Wolverine Wildcat: Hold on tight as you race through the thrilling twists and turns of this wooden wildcat-themed coaster.
  • Thunderhawk: Feel the rush of adrenaline as you soar through the air on this suspended looping coaster.
  • Corkscrew: Prepare for a thrilling inversion experience as you twist and turn on this classic steel coaster.
  • Mad Mouse: Navigate the hairpin turns and sudden drops of this wild mouse-themed coaster for a wild ride.
  • Funnel of Fear: For more of a thrill, Wildwater Adventure offers water slides like this one. On a four person tube, you and your friends wind down a watery tunnel that twists and turns your tube until you circle down the huge funnel and out the other side.
  • Grand Rapids: Hop aboard a log and enjoy a refreshing splash as you journey through this classic log flume ride.
  • Loggers Run: Embark on a thrilling water adventure as you navigate through a series of thrilling drops and splashes. This is one of my favorite family rides.
  • Grand Carousel: Take a magical spin on this beautifully adorned carousel, a timeless favorite for all ages.
  • Carousel Characters: Enjoy a ride on the friendly animal-themed characters that adorn the carousel.
  • Dodgem: Bump, dodge, and spin your way through this classic bumper car attraction.
  • Scrambler: Experience the exhilaration of spinning and twirling in this classic carnival-style ride.
  • Tilt-a-Whirl: Hold on tight as you spin and whirl through unexpected twists and turns on this timeless favorite.
  • Sea Dragon: Sail through the imaginary waves on this swinging pirate ship ride that’s sure to thrill.
Snoopy and friends at Michigan's Adventure Waterpark

Rides an Attractions in Camp Snoopy

  • Zach’s Zoomer: Little adventurers will delight in this gentle roller coaster, perfect for their first taste of coaster fun.
  • Woodstock Express: Join Woodstock and his friends on this family-friendly coaster designed for younger guests.
  • Woodstock Gliders: Soar through the air in colorful gliders as you enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the park.
  • Be-Bop Boulevard: Little ones can enjoy a variety of age-appropriate rides and attractions in this colorful area.
    Snoopy’s Junction: Hop aboard a gentle train ride with Snoopy and friends for a delightful journey.
  • Peanut’s Playhouse: Immerse yourself in a whimsical world of fun and play at this interactive play area.
  • Beagle Scout Acres: Join the Peanuts gang for a fun-filled adventure at this interactive play area for kids.
The kiddie pool at Michigan's adventure waterpark

Michigan’s Wildwater

Jump into the Wildwater Adventure water park at Michigan’s Adventure with an unforgettable splash. Michigan’s Adventures water park includes an abundance of opportunities for fun in the water. With exhilarating water slides, wave pools, and a lazy river, this water park is the perfect oasis for cooling off and enjoying endless hours of aquatic excitement.

The wave pools, or Boogie Beach, are for both shallow-water floaters and deep-water swimmers. The waves are generated in intervals of five minutes on, followed by five minutes off. This gives you time to float around and enjoy the water, as well as body surf on the waves.

Michigan Family-Friendly Waterpark: Half-Pint Paradise & Beach Party

There are two area within the waterpark that are perfect for small families. Both Beach Party and Half-Pint Paradise is a great place for families with young children to enjoy. It features children’s slides, interactive water features, and areas for parents to relax while easily watching their children.

Tricks and Treats fall fest at michigan's Adventure
NEW! Tricks and Treats Fall Fest at Michigan’s Adventure

Tricks and Treats Fall Fest at Michigan’s Adventure

Michigan’s Adventure Tricks and Treats Fall fest begins September 16- October 15, 2023.

Experience a larger-than-life Halloween adventure at Michigan’s Adventure, where little goblins and grown-up ghouls alike can step into a spooky, kooky celebration. Discover a new season with themed decorations, activities, and entertainment designed for families of all sizes.

Dress up in costumes, join Snoopy® and the PEANUTS® gang, and participate in the costume contest. Enjoy a trick-or-treat discovery experience filled with candy and fall-themed games. Don’t miss the chance to hunt for and decorate your own prize pumpkin. Indulge in fall favorites with a Michigan twist, including seasonal craft brews, Michigan wines, and delightful treats. Adults can relax on the Brews and Boos Lakeside Patio, savoring the flavors while enjoying the refreshing fall lake air.

Things to Do Near Michigan’s Adventure

If you’re going to spend more than one day at the park, you may want to know what’s near Michigan’s Adventure. Lucky for you, Michigan’s Adventure is located near some of Michigan’s best beaches and beach towns, including Grand Haven and Muskegon.

Cedar Fair Parks works hard to offer you the best of the best at Michigan’s Adventure every summer. But it’s not just the park itself; it’s the area surrounding it. Here are a few places in Muskegon that you’ll love to visit if you’re making a multiple day trip:

If you need a break from the noise of the amusement park, stroll the aisles of the Muskegon Art Museum at your artistic leisure.

Pere Marquette Park includes a beautiful beach and lighthouse with stunning sunsets, space for sunbathing, and a perfect shoreline for swimming with the family.

Muskegon’s Farmers Market is a great way to spend an afternoon in Muskegon! Meet a diverse collection of vendors selling everything from flowers to produce to home decor.

For a list of hotels near Michigan’s Adventure, click here!

If you really enjoy your first visit, Michigan’s Adventure offers season passes that give you season-long access. For a daily ticket or a fast lane pass, visit the Michigan’s Adventure website.

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